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  1. That sounds interesting! I noticed that there were a lot of add ones for IP that I am not sure would fit my Nesco. Have you made deserts in your IP? One of my friends made a cheese cake, it was very good!
  2. I don’t have an instant pot but a Nesco that I got about 5 years ago. It does the same things, browns, pressure low and high, slow cooks and rice but no buttons for just one thing like soup. I love cooking with it, meat is not dried out like a slow cooker. Made chicken noodle soup in 25 minutes tonight, delicious! I am happy to discard my old pressure cooker for this, since you can set and go and it keeps things warm. I just cook for one and got the 6 quart model. Just picked up an air fryer but haven’t done a lot with it yet, I got the small one 2 quarts because just me!
  3. This is fabulous! I love your color choices and the gypsy doll is perfect!
  4. Nice, I have always like clocks and cuckoo's in particular. You did a great job!
  5. Sounds like everyone has been busy as usual! I have been doing lambing and maple syrup making. I had 3 lambs born one morning during chores, One ewe is older and had a huge black ewe lamb, she has some nerve damage that occured during the delivery, so I have to help her up several times a day, she is slowly improving, the lamb is doing great. The other ewe I have been watching because it looked like only one side of her udder was bagging out, she had twins, both white one ewe and one ram, I ran up to a neighbors and got a couple of yogurt containers of colostrum he keeps frozen all the time
  6. This is a womderful project, I love all the detail, and the color is perfect, looking forward to seeing the inside
  7. Beautiful, I also love the blue, being my favorite color! The detail is wonderful
  8. I spent some time in a craft shop looking at a whole aisle of scrapbooking paper and they were all way too large, so far I can't find anything I like, I may have to resort to trying to make my own. Still waiting for the rock siding I ordered quite a while ago, picked up some paint in the colors I want, but been way to busy with diasters to do much.
  9. Beautiful bunch of wagons, so many different types it would be hard to know where to start! I must admit the Wagon intrigues me.....
  10. Goldenrodfarm

    wheels done

    Love the wheels, This looks like such a fun project!
  11. Goldenrodfarm


    So beautiful! I love the faces, you are very talented, I am enjoying your journey very much!
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