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  1. That sounds interesting! I noticed that there were a lot of add ones for IP that I am not sure would fit my Nesco. Have you made deserts in your IP? One of my friends made a cheese cake, it was very good!
  2. I don’t have an instant pot but a Nesco that I got about 5 years ago. It does the same things, browns, pressure low and high, slow cooks and rice but no buttons for just one thing like soup. I love cooking with it, meat is not dried out like a slow cooker. Made chicken noodle soup in 25 minutes tonight, delicious! I am happy to discard my old pressure cooker for this, since you can set and go and it keeps things warm. I just cook for one and got the 6 quart model. Just picked up an air fryer but haven’t done a lot with it yet, I got the small one 2 quarts because just me!
  3. This is fabulous! I love your color choices and the gypsy doll is perfect!
  4. Nice, I have always like clocks and cuckoo's in particular. You did a great job!
  5. Sounds like everyone has been busy as usual! I have been doing lambing and maple syrup making. I had 3 lambs born one morning during chores, One ewe is older and had a huge black ewe lamb, she has some nerve damage that occured during the delivery, so I have to help her up several times a day, she is slowly improving, the lamb is doing great. The other ewe I have been watching because it looked like only one side of her udder was bagging out, she had twins, both white one ewe and one ram, I ran up to a neighbors and got a couple of yogurt containers of colostrum he keeps frozen all the time, and fed the twins, about 4 oz each several times that day, and yesterday. Last night I checked the mom and it looks like she has milk, but I am reserving judgment on the amount. The twins seem happy and fat so maybe I just checked after they devoured all the milk. I usually make 5-6 gallons of syrup each year, it makes good gifts! I use lines and 5 gallon buckets, so half new and half old. Lugging the 5 gallon buckets on snowshoes is good exercise! The first day I got a lot but it has been slower the last 3 days because it didn't get down below freezing at night. Last night was marginal on the freezing it was just 32, but today had a brisk wind and clouds, it is better when the sun is shining. I visited my neighbors Tuesday and helped put wood in the big evaporator they have and watched the final boil down, it kept foaming even though she added butter several times. She has a really bad burn on her hand, 2nd degree, from hot sap. her husband was blowing out a clogged line and she was holding the bucket. She is lucky she didn't get it in the face. Their lines run right into the evaporator. I just do mine on a small deep 2'x2' stainless steel pan. Been back to sanding on the fairy house, takes a long time to get such hard wood sanded the way I want!
  6. This is a womderful project, I love all the detail, and the color is perfect, looking forward to seeing the inside
  7. Beautiful, I also love the blue, being my favorite color! The detail is wonderful
  8. I spent some time in a craft shop looking at a whole aisle of scrapbooking paper and they were all way too large, so far I can't find anything I like, I may have to resort to trying to make my own. Still waiting for the rock siding I ordered quite a while ago, picked up some paint in the colors I want, but been way to busy with diasters to do much.
  9. Beautiful bunch of wagons, so many different types it would be hard to know where to start! I must admit the Wagon intrigues me.....
  10. Goldenrodfarm

    wheels done

    Love the wheels, This looks like such a fun project!
  11. Goldenrodfarm


    So beautiful! I love the faces, you are very talented, I am enjoying your journey very much!
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