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I actually accomplished a lot of twiddly little things. I finished the roof, had to beat the right front roof back into submission.I began to glue on the half timbering, found several spots needing either stucco or brick infill, I think I have all the brickwork done but there are several more spackling spots.There are a few additions or corrections I'd make to the instructions/ schematics sheet. I installed Wall O upsidedown and discovered it when I was ready to intall the roof, and when I used the triangular piece to fill in where it went, I learned it wouldn't have gone there anyway (may be why I installed it upside down, it didn't fit the other way).That's the only place I won't be able to use the half-timber piece that goes there.With an invite to eat out I stopped with a few more pieces of trim to install, and then a burnt sienna "wash" to the new spackle, and then find the right bay roof and mask and spackle under the bays, the roof seams (especially inside) & finish the exterior cosmetic work (except the chimney, I'll spackle & carve "stones" when the chimney is pretty much finished).complements of havanaholly


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