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It didn't seem like much until I got going, but I have installed all the half-timbering & spackled/ filled the "stucco" areas on the second floor and have washed it all with burnt sienna.


Then I assembled the tapered upper chimney, chimney top edge & flue. I masked the flue, spread a smooth coat of spackle over it & painted it terra cotta. I'll install after the rest of the chimney's done. I attached the chimney top to the tapered part and then I spackled the top edge and carved "stones" in the damp spackle with a pointed toothpick.


I attached the tapered part of the chimney to the top of the rest of the chimney, so I guess for my NEXT trick with the chimney I'll spackle & carve stones.

I began assembling the windowbox, although I'll use it on another house, I don't think the pub proprietor wants a windowbox, the Mrs will probably put houseplants on the snug's window seat. Also I read over the instructions twice and glued it together the way the instructions read. I have since pulled it apart, sanded the mess off and reglued it the way everything will fit...

The interior trim is next on the instructions, HOWEVER, seeing what a masochist I am I decided to make all the windows "working" windows, so I shall be assembling windows and cutting more chamois hinges; wheeee!

I also installed the right bay roof. The right front roof once again needed gentle coaxing, I found my BIG hammer and coaxed the heck out of it! The shingles will cover the dings. I shall take my trusty spackle tub & go over all the seams in & on the roof, it worked really well to cover up the scores I cut to get the roof to curve where it was supposed to.

complements of havanaholly

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