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The roof additions are holding so I began "bricklaying" at 0830; it took 5 1/2 hours to glue the individual "brick" faces to the card templates & the finished product POPS! So much so I painted a dirty wash of 5 parts white to one part each black & burnt umber and LOTS of water, applied it wet & patted with a tissue and it looked much better. When dry I cut out the infill areas of the bricked card and glued them to the house.


I also "washed" the parget.

I washed the stucco with dilute burnt sienna. It was good.

While things were drying I installed the right gable roof and it gave me no problems. I also discovered where the spackle didn't stucco and one area of downstairs infill I missed tracing from the half timbering onto the card, so I'll hunt down that piece later & get 'er done.

blog-241-1125283511_thumb.jpg blog-241-1125283649_thumb.jpg

complements of havanaholly


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