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Disney Eye Candy




blog-0025462001333166597.jpgI just got back home from a quick 2 day trip to Orlando. It went about as well as a trip to Disney World with 3 kids under the age of 4 could go.

Luckily I only live about 90 minutes away, so the 2 hour delay in getting out the door was only a minor hassle. My wife leaving the bag with all of our lotions, toothbrushes and personal hygiene items where the kids could reach them was another issue. When I get home from work and the two older kids run into their bedroom in self-exile, I know they did something wrong. This time they had smeared a mix of toothpaste, shampoo sun screen and other unidentified substances into the living room carpet and all over themselves. Washing the kids and steam cleaning the carpet was the reason we didn't get on the road until later in the afternoon.

The hotel was only a few miles from the Disney property, so it was a short drive and we arrived shortly after the park opened. After the 1.5 hour process of getting from the parking lot to the entrance of the Magic Kingdom, my kids had had all the waiting in lines that they could handle. They fussed at every line to get on every ride. We skipped the rides that had 1 to 4 hour wait times, so we only went on 3. They did have a relatively good time and the youngest caused the least amount of trouble.

Anyone who has been to Disney knows that the park is all fantasy, but they do make an effort to capture the effect they're going for, which translates into loads of arcitectual eye candy, which I took plenty of photos of. Here are a few.




Of course the main draw is the castle. It's hard to believe it's less than 200 ft. high, but they did an outstanding job using forced perspective. It was clearly my kid's favorite part of the park.


Got a close up of the tower detail for anyone who may want to build a castle dollhouse.


The windows for Cinderella's Table restuarant in the castle is a feature I will have a modified version of for my daughter's dollhouse castle's ball room.



Much of the Northern half of the park was closed off. They're working on a major remodelling project that will include a roller coaster and other rides. I was able to take a couple of photos of a castle that is obviously a mini, but I was unable to determine how far away it actually was. I did zoom in for a closer look. Not sure which movie its from, but I'm all ears if someone can identify it.





I'm kicking myself for not get any photos from the colonial themed part of the park, but I did get a number of photos from Main Street, which is all Victorian themed. These are a few of the buildings. It should also be noted that several of the buildings were covered with giant cloaks that had life-sized prints of buildings on them, so there was clearly some remodeling going on out on Main Street too.


The area that has the tropical theme (Adventure Land?) did have a few Caribbean / South Florida styled buildings. This one caught my eye.


I should have taken more photos of the Tudor / medieval part of the park, but this was all I got.



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