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Eye Candy from Show and Other People's Work




I didn't want to inadvertently get credit for other artist's work, so I created this blog to show and talk about other works I've seen or at the most, assisted with.

As most everyone knows, my houses were on display/for sale at Tom Bishop's Chicago International Show last April (2011). The feedback, even from other vendors while I was rolling the damaged houses to the display tables was amazing. I was expecting the worst, but people were still impressed with them even though the Victorian was slouched over hanging off what was left of the porch and the Tudor looked like it had been hit by a mini tornado.

The other big house vendor was "JL Homes", a local guy. He had a good weekend, selling one large house and a small store. I don't have any photos of the store, but I did get photos of the house. I was especially impressed with the foyer / staircase. Wish I had that much space for the Tudor's entryway, but I didn't want to exceed 6' for the house's total length.

I also noticed that his houses weren't "ready to move" houses- finished products that just need to be carried or rolled on a table or cart. The base was multiple parts that assemble with an almost seamless finish. I guess houses aren't moved everyday, so it may be a feature I could use on a future project. When I build mine I don't want problems like trying to fit the house through a door way or other issue (like complex setups) to irritate the future owner.

blogentry-587-0-76908600-1330656396_thum blogentry-587-0-01392600-1330656731_thum

Here's what my houses looked like on arrival and after getting a huge amount of help repairing them from Brae, a master house builder who's far more skilled than I.

blogentry-587-0-04807500-1330656837_thum blogentry-587-0-18949800-1330656953_thum




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I would have sat down and cried if that happened to me, but what an amazing repair job you both did. The bottle of glue in the "after" photo is a nice touch.

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To be honest, the bottle of glue was an oversight.

I dreaded opening the trailer after the accident. I didn't cry, but was sick to my stomach. I had spent thousands of dollars on the trip, was on the final stretch of the first 1,100 miles of a 2,200 mile round-trip to Chicago and thought I didn't have anything to show. I figured that if I could build them, then I could fix them, but not in time for the show. I spent the entire night trying to piece everything together and was still thinking about turning around until I heard that Brae would help out with the repairs. From what I had seen in her galleries I knew the houses would be in good hands.

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