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Another Trip and More Eye Candy




My wife and I used the final 2 days on our 3 day Disney tickets last week. I'm trying to save for the Philadelphia show in November, but we had been planning this trip for months and fun trips like these are a good way to keep the marriage exciting.

We only live about 90 minutes from Orlando, and we know of a great resort at a very low price, so we were able to take a 5 day mini vacation.

Of course we started by making a stop at Ron's Miniature Shop. I now have enough supplies to finish the Tudor's internal wiring and the ceiling light for the dining room. We spent the 2nd day at EPCOT. We had lunch at the Mexican showcase, which is very good and very romantic. If anyone reading this hasn't been there, the resturant is themed like an outdoor terrace looking out at a Mayan Pyramid and an active volcano in the distance. The rest of the dining area has Spanish styled buildings and paper "lanterns" everywhere. I wasn't able to take a photo of the room, but it was nice.

We went to some of the areas we missed on our last trip in 2010, but the kids were too young for most of the rides are scare easily.

I was able to get lots of photos of the German showcase, which is a Tudor lover's dream. Even the resturant was themed to look like a courtyard surrounded by Tudor houses! I was able to get photos of the exteriors.




The French area is also full of inspirational architecture for anyone interested in building minis.



The other areas were also something to see.

We spent the next day at Hollywood Studios. That place is loaded with amazing art deco styled buildings. Unfortunately, I'm a little old for running around theme parks day after day and the 3 kids were more than a handful, so we left before dark, but I could only imagine how amazing it must look when the lights are turned on.




On the fourth day, we went to Leu Botanical Gardens near downtown Orlando. I used to be very familiar with the garden since my dad was the Director from 1985 - 1990. The Leu house was built in the late 1880's and added onto by the many families who lived in the house. Its full of antiques, so I didn't dare bring the kids inside, but I did get a photo of the exterior.



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Hi just started then dollhouse hobby and I'm also new to the forums so I did not know how to ask a question. so I will ask it this way do you know if this is good furniture for a 4 inch doll and if it any way is just bad quality? heres a picture385164_1.jpgI found it on the ACmoore website please start a forum and answer thanks

from a newbie

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