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Updated picture with landscaping




The final decision about the landscaping was not to change a thing. LOL I mentioned to Bruce that I was thinking about changing it and he said he liked it just the way it is. Since this is primarily his house, I left things as they were and just got a better picture. Close up pictures of the landscaping are in my gallery.



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Hi Deb,
What a great idea the theme of the Japanese home! Nothing is missing from your achievement, you have made ​​the perfect Zen atmosphere. I love.
See you soon,
Have a sweet night
Thierry B
(I am writing from France and I use the Google translator, thank you for your indulgence)
On occasion, I invite you to visit my blog: http://montoutminimonde.blogspot.fr/
I would be honored to have you among my followers (you would be the first, the blog is new)
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I can not put the link of your blog on my own because I go through an automatic translation to understand you. Would you be kind enough to send me the URL of your blog? (Starting https:. // www etc)
Thank you a thousand times.
Thierry B
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