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Updated Pictures

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I was going thru my picture files this week and realized that the pictures I'd taken of my Coventry Cottage were done with an old camera and a slightly less civilized photography setup. Besides, I hadn't played with this house for awhile so I took it down to the studio and had a good time taking new pictures. ;) I took the house off the landscaped base for these pics so you can see the house more clearly. It's still in the studio while I debate about changing the landscaping (maybe or maybe not) but I wanted to update with the better pictures. Additional updated pics are in my Samurai's Summer House Gallery.

blogentry-329-1231447466_thumb.jpg blogentry-329-1231447481_thumb.jpg

blogentry-329-1231447507_thumb.jpg blogentry-329-1231447522_thumb.jpg

blogentry-329-1231447564_thumb.jpg blogentry-329-1231447582_thumb.jpg

Here's a few pics of the interior. More in the gallery.

blogentry-329-1231447648_thumb.jpg blogentry-329-1231447670_thumb.jpg

blogentry-329-1231447687_thumb.jpg blogentry-329-1231447723_thumb.jpg


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The oriental theme is fabulous! It came out really great. What is the floor made of? Thin wood strips?

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