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  2. Merci beaucoup! ça me ferait plaisir de vous compter parmi les inscrits sur mon blog. Belles pensées de France, à bientôt, Thierry
  3. Hello, Please, visit my blog in French here, I'd be glad of your many registrations! http://montoutminimonde.blogspot.fr/
  4. Construction of the French house continues ... I invite you to come see. Please click the following link: http://montoutminimonde.blogspot.fr/ I suggest you to register to the blog, this will allow you to follow the result of the construction. See you soon and enjoy your visit! Thierry
  5. Follow step by step the construction of a typical French house.
  6. Merci beaucoup! I'll keep you informed about news step by step. Meantime, you can visit my blog and my little Etsy shop if you whant to! You're welcome! See you soon, Thierry
  7. Hello everyone! Follow me on a new project! http://montoutminimonde.blogspot.fr/ :idiot:
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  9. I have a real favorite for the world of Cheily. It creates so delicate flowers, and pastries so appetizing !! I've never seen anything so beautiful! This enchants me is a little paradise !!! More Cheily has an Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/CheilysMiniature… I invite you to go, and if you fall for something you like, Cheiry give you 10% discount with promo code CHEIRY002 on everything! (until 04.20.2015) Then take advantage there !!! I give you the address of the Facebook page Cheily: https://www.facebook.com/cheilysminiature His blog: http://www.petitdecherries.blogspot.fr/
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