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What is the Greenleaf Miniature Community?

The Greenleaf Miniature Community is moderated message board for miniature enthusiasts to discuss all aspects of miniature collecting. We take great pride in providing a safe, friendly, non-spamming community for people of all ages to express their opinions and share ideas on miniature related topics.

Who started the Greenleaf Miniature Community and when?

This forum is provided and maintained by Greenleaf Dollhouses, but the management of the community is provided by miniature enthusiasts just like you! Since the forum opened in June 2003, the day to day operations have always been in the hands of the moderators who have volunteered to make this community a fun and safe place for all.

What is a moderated message board?

A moderated message board means there are people called moderators who watch what is happening around the forum. This is a friendly, family-oriented message board and we want to keep it that way. Moderators have the power to edit/delete posts that are deemed offensive in tone or language. We will not tolerate abusive behavior and name calling on this message board. We do encourage the healthy debate and sharing of thoughts and ideas on this board. Our moderators are members like you who love dollhouses and miniature collecting.

Who are the moderators?

You can find a list of our moderating team here. Please remember that these people have all volunteered their time and have worked hard to build this community. Harassment of any moderator will result in being banned from the forums.

Can anyone become a member of the Greenleaf Miniature Community?

Yes. We are a community that welcomes all. The only requirement we have is that you enter a valid email address when you register as a member. Once you have registered you will receive an email from the Greenleaf Miniature Community to verify your email address is valid.

Why do you have to verify my email address?

We are very proud of being a spam free environment. Most spammers will register at a site multiple times using non-functioning email addresses in order to create havoc. Verifying email addresses is a precaution we take to ensure that our community stays spam free.

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