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Spring Fling 2012


Spring Fling 2012
Jo Med
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Spring Fling 2012 "The Lanterns" a bohemian garden room.

Ellie was a model in the 60s and 70s. She modelled for Vogue, Quant and Biba among many others. She was the girl of the moment in 1960s London; invited to all the parties, film festivals, trips on yachts, weekends in Marrakech or the French Alps. She counted Cathy and Hywel, Terry and Julie, Jean, Mick and David as personal friends and partied hard with the best of them. Ellie was loved and admired, not just for her stunning looks and figure but for her style. She was a Biba girl through and through. Ellie's flat in Cheyne Walk was full of the quirky and beautiful. Gorgeous eclectic, exotic things she had picked up on her extensive modelling assignments to far flung places and objects d'art picked up in the markets of Petticoat Lane, Kensington High Street, Paris and Amsterdam. Her little flat was often used for impromptu photo shoots and was always full of London's beautiful people.

Fast forward to 2012 and Ellie is no longer living in Cheyne Walk, in fact there have been many moves since those heady days but everywhere she has lived, Ellie has taken her unique style with her. That doesn't mean she hasn't moved with the times, she has, but she's still that bohemian hothouse flower that she was in the 60s. Today she lives in a cottage in the Cotswolds. Yes, it's quieter during the week but at weekends it's still full of friends, a few survivors from the 60s, local celebrities, artists, photographers still gathering round Ellie like moths round a flame. Her cottage isn't small; you are just seeing a small section of it here, her garden room created from a neighbouring cottage that she bought as an investment but then couldn't bear to part with. Its a perfect place for Ellie to relax with a cocktail, a good book and her cat either inside on that huge comfy couch or outside on the patio catching a few rays. Looks as though Ellie is expecting you today so come on in and enjoy a drink and some stimulating conversation.


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