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The Gypsy Caravan/ "One Thousand Buddhas"

The Gypsy Caravan/ "One Thousand Buddhas"

Here is the Vintage Travel Trailer turned into a Gypsy Wagon With the "Spring Fling House" attached to the top, that now serves as Cosmina's bedroom.
The Trailer was named "One Thousand Buddhas" for the amount of shingles that went on, and the patience and focus that went into putting each one on :)
The Bed had to be custom made to fit the bedroom/Spring Fling House and
a special "Shingle Bender" tools had to be made to bend more than one shingle at a time, and we were able to bend 3 at a time per drying/bending period.
All in all the entire project was uber time cosuming but, I loved doing every little special thing to it to get it where it is now.

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