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Day 6 Houston, we have a problem

Minis On The Edge


Well, I talked to my customer on the phone and she did not picture the trim to be Hunter green around the windows. She wants it white. I am so worried because too many coats of paint can make an item look sloppy and because the green IS dark, I will have multiple layers on painted to prime and cover the dark color :huh: .

She only wants the shutters Hunter Green :angry: Well, I guess I missed that detail so today I started doing that. I also decided to add the shutters to the house (Thats right more punching out wood peices and sanding them and painting them) but the effect is WONDERFUL!! I Love the stark white background and then the shutters on top :lol:

blog-4-1159664832_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159664853_thumb.jpg


She also wanted me to make a wood fireplace for the living room and she wants window seats where the bays are. I think it will really add that special touch to this house!

I added paperclay and sculpted the bricks for the inside of the fireplace.


Complements of Minis on the edge


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