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Japanese kimono tutorial

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The fabric used for the kimono is a black fairy frost. The pattern is a simple T shape. Cut two from the fabric.


Cut a v neck at the top of one and split it down the middle. This will be the front of the kimono.


I used tacky glue because it doesn't mark the fabric as much as other glues. With the fabric backs together, use a toothpick to place a thin line of glue around the shoulders, under arm and side and glue each of the fronts to the backs.

blog-329-1143409112_thumb.jpg blog-329-1143409154_thumb.jpg

I used a bright red 4mm silk ribbon for the trim on the edges. Place a thin line of glue around the neck and front edges of the kimono and glue the ribbon in place. Once the glue has dried, trim the edges even with the kimono.


Repeat the process for the trim on the edges of the sleeve. I used a matching 7mm red silk ribbon for the obi (waist tie) When the kimono is displayed, the obi will be draped around the neck.


The ornaments on the sleeves of the kimono are "mons" (family crests) that I fussy cut from a piece of asian design fabric and glued onto the kimono.


To be displayed in the home, the kimono is hung on a stand. The stand is made from bamboo skewers cut to size and glued together, then mounted on a base made of scrap wood.


Once assembled, the stand is painted black and sprayed with clear lacquer.


Hang the kimono on the stand, drape the obi around the neck and you're done!



*all text and graphics in "Deb's Blog" are copyright of Deb*

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