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Kimono chest tutorial

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The kimono chest was a piece of furniture designed to be functional as well as an ornament in the home. When not being worn or displayed, the kimono was folded into rice paper and placed in the chest.

To make the chests, I used wooden blocks, siding strips for the drawers, beads for the handles and silk embroidery floss for the tassles.


The blocks are painted red and the siding strips are cut to size and painted black.


I used gold paint to add edging to the blocks and the drawers. I taped off the edges and used a fine brush to get the lines straight which made the job much easier. Once the edges were done, I filled in triangles on the corners of the blocks to make the "brass corner fittings".


When the paint is dried, glue the drawer fronts on and give it a good spray of clear lacquer.


To make the drawer pulls, I used gold filagree beads and threaded the tassle thru them, then added a drop of glue to the front to hold it in place. Once the glue dried, I trimmed off the pull thread and glued the pull into place on the drawer. (there's a tutorial on how to make the tassles in the pillow section of my blog)


The dragons on the side doors of the large chest are brass charms glued on.



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