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Painting Exterior-More Wallpaper



I tried and tried to come up with the color for the exterior of this house, and kept waiting for it to "speak" to me. Actually, it was speaking to me, but I didn't believe it. So, I called the recipient of the house to get her input and told her what the house said to me, and she said that's OK, that's one of my favorite colors! I had three shades in mind, and again couldn't decide ... So, I put one coat of each color on the back of the house and had youngest son take it to the recipient's house for her choice. After all, it's being done for her and I wanted her to be happy with it. According to youngest son, she was stunned with the detail on it thus far. She also made her choice of the paints, and here it is:blog-361-1134339852_thumb.jpgI also got more of the walls wallpapered in the house.blog-361-1134339919_thumb.jpgAnd I wallpapered the bay in the livingroom.blog-361-1134339951_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen


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