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Wallpapering The Tower



Before I began wallpapering and painting the tower, I took the roof piece out that goes over it and laid it on to draw myself some lines to work in. I drew two different sets, one where I would need to paint to, and one where I would need to wallpaper to.blog-361-1134340065_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340091_thumb.jpgI started with the smallest outside side of the tower first, and just cut the paper to the line, or actually slightly above it. I also cut a slight overhang on the edge so that I can wrap it around to the inside of the tower. I'm using a prepasted vinyl paper, so I go ahead and put wallpaper paste on both the tower itself and the wallpaper, and then I laid that small piece in, wrapped it around, and rubbed it down with a dry cloth.blog-361-1134340119_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340148_thumb.jpgThe larger side of the tower is a bit more tricky, because I have to go around corners with it. I took a piece of wallpaper, already cut to the largest height that I would need, and held it onto the tower. I then folded the paper back/down until I found my lines, and continued to do this all the way around. That gives me my lines where I can go ahead and finish cutting that paper, and that will give me the height I need to go all the way around it. I have again left myself an overhang to wrap around to the inside of the tower on this piece. I then put my paste on the paper, lay it on the tower where I've already drawn the lines, wrap it around, and rub it down with a dry cloth.blog-361-1134340181_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340208_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340231_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340259_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340291_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340317_thumb.jpgNow it's time to wallpaper the inside of the tower. Normally, I use the top uncut edge of wallpaper as a gauge, but this time I will use the bottom uncut edge of the wallpaper as my guide. I lay the wallpaper inside the tower, dry, and see how much I need, of course giving myself a bit extra, and then go ahead and pre-cut the wallpaper as much as possible. I am also leaving extra at the top because I am unsure of how the tower roof goes in. Once again, I put wallpaper paste on both the inside of the tower and the wallpaper itself, and I begin laying it in, aligning it at the bottom, and on the first panel, and I then rub just that panel with a dry cloth. Then I move to the next panel, and repeat the process, except that I take the cloth and use my fingernails to run down the edges of the tower room to lay the paper down tight on those edges/creases. blog-361-1134340355_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340395_thumb.jpgOnce I'm about halfway done with the tower, I change tactics and go ahead and align the paper at the bottom of the rest of the tower. Then I continue rubbing the dry cloth on the panels, one by one, until I am finished. If the wallpaper has moved up or down, I just gently move it back into place, and rub it down again. I always give the creases an extra rub, just to make sure that stays in there tight.blog-361-1134340436_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340471_thumb.jpgNow, all of this needs to dry overnight. Then I will cut it.Compliments of LPCullen


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