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Addendum: 10/13/05



I decided to take interior pictures for my friend to get some ideas for finishing the house. Because of the privacy wall I had to figure a different treatment for the balustrade.


Then I decided to "lend" some little people & furnishings for The Tour:

In the kitchen we have the family daughter at the utility closet door. The white wire table & chairs are from a $ store, the teapot is off the top of a spoon I found at Wal Mart, the basket of apples is a mini "housewarming" gift from me, and the rest of the things in the kitchen are how-to'd in other parts of this blog.


Mama put Baby on the windowseat in the parlor, so the pillows I embroidered & made barely show up. The upright piano is a Mini Mundus kit and I made a bargello tapestry seat for the bench to replace the rather ordinary kit fabric; I crocheted a matching granny-square runner for the top.


I made a privacy screen printie to screen off the commode; Junior's out of luck trying to find a glass or brush his teeth, but at least he's not ruining his nice suit sliding down the banister.


Last, but not least, we find Papa showing off the bedroom, possibly wondering if he can grab a quick nap before I snatch them all out of there. The bed, nightstand and chest of drawers are HOM kits. the mattress & pillow ticking are from a wornout pair of DH's skivvy drawers (I'll bet that's more than you wanted to know!).


complements of havanaholly


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