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11.) A bit further along



I would like to blame the slow progress on my weird life, but … some of the problem is due to being overly ambitious in what I wanted to do here and underestimating the amount of work involved. Well, what else is new, Judith?Progress since the last posting.-- The porch and balcony flooring is down and stained. The balcony railings are glued into position (this took more time than I thought it would). I still need to ‘gussy’ them up a bit. The porch just has two square columns supporting the balcony. This gives the porch a nice open look. I need to add some trim here and there. There will be two steps up to the porch. The steps will go across the entire front of the porch.blog-242-1129222959_thumb.jpg blog-242-1129223059_thumb.jpg-- A full view of the interior. Notice that I actually worked out the “flying staircase” blog-242-1129223156_thumb.jpg-- The living room. The colors for the living room came from the Kleenex box that Andrew found, part of which is now the picture above the fireplace.blog-242-1129223259_thumb.jpg blog-242-1129223362_thumb.jpg -- The spindles for the stairs are just thin dowels glued to the outside edges of the stairs. I like the way this turned out. The railings need to be fixed into place. The buffets under the stairs are the bottoms of two Michael’s hutches painted gloss white enamel. blog-242-1129223452_thumb.jpg-- The sink has been “built-into” the bay and ‘cabinets’ have been built to connect the sink to the frig and stove -- that was trickier than I would have liked – but it looks very nice. The piece behind the window is a Styrofoam form covered with white cardboard. The side pieces are a small box cut in two and pushed into irregular diamond shapes and stuffed with Styrofoam to keep that shape. The counter tops are from a vinyl floor tile (Home Depot). I will put silver door pulls on the doors to make them look like cabinets. blog-242-1129223531_thumb.jpg blog-242-1129223618_thumb.jpg-- The color on the walls and ceiling is not right. They are a blue with some white rubbed in to make an illusion of sky with wispy clouds. My sister found the wonderful bedroom set by Aztec, and the bed came with all that wonderful bedding. The glass door goes out to the balcony. (pic 9)blog-242-1129223704_thumb.jpg-- The 2nd floor hallway, showing the bath (walls unfinished), also.blog-242-1129223821_thumb.jpg-- The den is a slight problem area. For some reason, after the scrapbook paper was on the walls for about a week, it turned translucent in areas and discolored in some areas. I always glue scrapbook paper with YES glue, so I don’t know what happened here. I am removing it and will replace it with solid white vinyl wallpaper. I will add colored trim to make the red, white, and blue look I wanted originally. Yuk … The desk is a soft maple not red. I bought the sofa, chair, and desk from Craft Club.blog-242-1129223900_thumb.jpgB) Complements of judith


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