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I have been shingling today. All that cherry stain is overwhelming, I shall have to calm it down with a gray wash & some sponging, which I'll do along with the chimney.

Speaking of the chimney, I went back & popped off the shingles covering where the chimney went and installed it. The shingling is going so smoothly on this house I got into a "zone" <_<

I cut out a piece of foamboard for the stove back and used some of the scrap ends of shingles for the top trim. I've installed the stripwood for the upper grill shelf support. I have no black spray paint, so I may try brushing on the black paint. Next I'll figure out dimensions for & cut out the oven.

I stained two more sheets of shingles for a total of eight of the sheets, but it doesn't look as if I'll need them all. I might, though, I have one last row all the way 'round that will be cut down for the apeces.


complements of havanaholly


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