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I finished the roof with a last row of half-shingles at the apex. Once everything was good & dry I pounced a gray wash over the chimney bricks followed by swiping a damp wad of tissue over them. I mixed the gray ten parts white to one part gray and diluted it 300% with water. After I did the chimney I added a miniscule touch of ultramarine blue and cut the wash with another hefty bit of water and washed the shingles with it. It gives a silvery gray overlay of the cherry stain, which helps considerably.blog-242-1129236423_thumb.jpg blog-242-1129236505_thumb.jpgI have measured for the oven box on a scrap of foamboard and scribed a door and made a cutout for the watch glass surround, which I have glued in to dry. I shall have to fill the spaces between the parts of the surround the watchstraps attached to, probably some of my ubiquitous scraps of foamboard. I still have some of the brassy bugle beads to use for door hinges. I hope I can get some of this to show up in pictures <_< complements of havanaholly


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