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September 16, 2005



I glued kitchen paper on the closet top.

While the glue dried I installed the back of the closet with its shelves. The closet back is a piece of foamboard and the shelves are two tongueblade-width and two popsiclestick-width craftstick pieces with the very narrow craftsticks cut for shelf supports.

When the glue dried I installed the closet top. I took it out, pulled off the carefully trimmed paper and applied a new piece with some "lap". When I reapplied the closet top it looked much better.


I installed the closet wall.


I painted the right bay roof and the inside right bay wide walls and installed the right bay floor extension last night. There was no way to make the floor extension match the rest of the floor using the treatment I used, so I decided to hide it under a windowseat before I installed it, and I drew around the extension piece onto a piece of foam board.

Today I installed the right bay, finishing it by painting the narrow bay walls. While all that dried I cut a windowseat base out of foamboard and painted it and the rest of the livingroom walls hunter green. I decided on a different trim treatment for the right bay, because of the windowseat, so the wall up from the bottom of the bay opening's arched top is painted white. I then cut some narrow craftsticks down to use for trim. Even though I measured meticulously the windowseat base came out a hair narrower than the opening (why can't the doors do that?) so I used some old gold braid to trim the "seams". Wow. So I cut some more and glued it over the arch between the vertical trim pieces. Double Wow.

I cut out the windowseat top from the foamboard and covered it with some smokey-blue velour that picks up some of the color from the mural on the opposite wall.


I have some very dark royal blue silk scraps and some more of the velour and some gold bullion thread that are murmuring "pillows" in my ears.

I painted the bay wall and front corner next to the front door white, since the interior trim in the kitchen will be RED . I'm going to suggest a bistro-type dinette for the bay to the new owner.

Painting the interior of this house reminds me of why I far prefer to decorate as much as possible before assembly :blink: <_< :o :o

complements of havanaholly


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