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September 17, 2005



This morning I started out by wallpapering the bedroom (above the livingroom, where the front door is) and was reminded once more why I loathe dollhouse wallpaper; it stretches and ripples far worse than its 1:1 counterpart. And tear when trimming!


I made a bathroom privacy wall so any little person coming upstairs wouldn't immediately find himself in the bathroom with who-knows-what going on. I cut two pieces of foamboard 8" high and one piece the width of the staircase opening from the wall (short dimension) and the other piece the length of the stairwell + 1/4" (width of the foamboard) and glued them butted together in the gluing jig.

I painted the bathroom walls and the stairwell side of the privacy wall YELLOW and papered the bathroom side of the privacy wall with the same paper that's on the floor and installed it. It fit perfectly :o :blink: !

I made a set of kitchen shelves to go under the left rearmost window between the range surround and the partial back wall, using tongueblade-sized craft sticks.

Once again I measured meticulously, and this time I had to take them apart and take off an extra 1/8" from one end of the top and shelf. After the glue had set again I painted them red to match the rest of the kitchen trim.

I applied the bay foundations and I had gaps between the wide wall foundation pieces; I filled one with a piece of craft stick and the other with a bit of foamboard (they weren't the same size :o <_< ). I spread spackle in the bay & foundation section seams and sanded everything when dry so it will be ready for a last coat of white paint.

At this point I had completed Section D and began to remove and prepare the windowsill pieces as called for in the instructions. Reading them over again I noticed they would have me installing all the exterior trim before I put on the siding. This, to me, seems like a BAD IDEA; in fact, a granddaddy of a bad idea; I have never installed dh siding before, but it seems a whole lot easier to cover up "oopsies" with trim than to try to make the siding look like it was there first if the trim is already there.

So I continued with the sills, planning to R & P the rest of the exterior trim, trace around it on the house, install the siding and then install the trim. Well, the instructions called for two Upper Right Front Wall Window Sills (7). The schematic for plywood sheet #7 shows two Porch Balcony Sills which, since they were the only sills remaining and there are only two windows looking out on a porch balcony and they are on the right front wall I knew they were the same; how many frustrated neophytic builders are going to stop at this point & reason this out? NOT ME.

I painted all the window sills royal blue


(except the backs, which will be the color the rest of a particular room's interior trim will be, such as the red of the kitchen) and when they are dry I shall remove and prepare the rest of the exterior trim and paint it royal blue, also. Then I shall install the porch foundation and step and paint all the foundation and both bays white.

My friend wants the house to be light blue with dark blue trim, so I want to finish all the parts I want to be royal blue so I can use some of it to tint some white to a complementary shade of blue for the siding.


complements of havanaholly


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