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Moving doors



So, I saw a bench I just had to make a 1:12 copy of, but it would be too long for the place I wanted to put it, and would overlap existing door frames on either side. I could either remake the bench a little smaller - or - move one of the doors. That would be the easier route. I broke out the mini sledge hammer and took down about an inch of wall and the (bath) door with it. I then moved the inch of wall to the opposite side of the door frame, spackled it all back together, and it all fit nicely.

I really wanted a white of nuetral wall to frame the bench, as overlapping the door frames took away some of its punch and inpact. 9 Photos.


My copy of a late 1700's Irish bench / table, before and after the move. Bench yet to finished and varnished.


1. Before the hammer dopped. Bench is too wide, overlaps the door frames.

2. The demolition.

3. Putting it back together with the bath door moved 1 inch to the right.

4. Quick measurement check. It's a fit!

5. Sealing the cuts and chops. Floor had to be ripped up as well.

6. Flooring repaired, baseboards getting glued down.

7. Time to paint and sand.

8. The bench is now nicely framed against the wall, no overlaps.

9. A success. Time for wallpaper!


Wall move a9.jpg

Wall move a8.jpg

Wall move a7.jpg


Wall move a6.jpg

Wall move a5.jpg

Wall move a4.jpg

Wall move a3.jpg

wall move a2.jpg

Wall move a1.jpg

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