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I played with spackle most of the day. I spackled the roof seams inside and out and spackled some of the upstairs ceiling. Right now I like the way it looks, but I may come back later & spackle the whole thing...

I spackled the chimney and carved the "stones.


When it dried I pounced a base layer of color on it, mostly white with touches of blue & green. When it dried I came back with a whole lot more white & a tiny bit of black & dry-brushed over it to give it a bluish-granite look to complement the burnt sienna stucco wash. It pops.


I went ahead and punched out all the brackets and glued them together. The Mrs found out about the flowerbox and informed the proprietor HE could clean up after his houseplant in the snug if he wanted to, if she had to spend all day in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove she'd have a bit of pretty to look out on; so the flowerbox's second coat is drying. I'll give the brackets a sanding with the Dremel drum later, when they're dryer.

Ooh, this house is FUN to build!


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