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Assembling the goodies




June 4, 2013

Well the last of my supplies for the chicken coop arrived today – my grass mat. So I assembled my supplies and got started. I’m using 3M Super 77 spray adhesive, mini hay bales from Woodcrafters.com, grass mat from SFCDirect and in keeping with trying to build the coop using only the things on hand I have a piece of foam core board I salvaged from a previous delivery.


First I sprayed the foam board with the adhesive and positioned it over the grass mat. I then folded the mat up on the edges and used simple office alligator file clips to hold it in place. When i got to the corners I pinched them together like 4 little tee-pees and trimmed them with scissors. Because of the glue it made a perfect no-fuss corner. I had a picture of this step but somehow lost it while sorting the pics in my camera, but I’m sure you can imagine what it looked like. I love this adhesive because it takes hold so quickly. By the time I made my way around the edge of the piece the first part I clamped was already firmly adhered.


I then sprayed the inside of the coop with the adhesive and scattered small pieces of the hay bale inside the coop. I then sprayed the bottom of the nest and placed my egg layer inside.


Again using the 3M I sprayed the grass and scattered the hay in strategic places and glued my hens to the grass.


I may add a couple of hay bales outside the front of the coop later on, but that depends on whether I can cut through the bales (which are very tightly packed) without making a mess of it.



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