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    I'm an avid reader, I firmly believe that you're never too old to learn something new. I love movies, particularly the old black and white gangster films from the 40's and the early 50's, and to that end, I have an extensive movie collection. My favorite current day film is the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which ties in with my love of reading - I'm a huge J.R.R. Tolkien fan.

    I write fan fiction in that genre, and perform beta work for other writers. I fell in love with doll house miniatures when I was about 11 years of age, staring through the window of an old second hand store at a tiny, perfectly fashioned miniature - I've been hooked ever since.

    My taste in music is quite eclectic, and runs the gambit of everything between opera, heavy metal, old motown, hard rock and the blues. Some of my favorites are, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, The Temptations, Tavares, Dave Koz, Earl Klug, Bonnie Raitt, and the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn.


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  1. Well Hidey-Ho neighbors! It's been a long time since I've been on site to post, eight months to be exact, but I've been battling with ongoing illness and I'm just getting back to a point were my mini's are calling to me again. Although I have not been on site, I have tried to keep up with your various projects through the "notification" process and status updates and can't wait to take a closer look at everything you've been doing. I still have a little way to go yet, and at least 2 surgeries on my hands, but I'm keeping the faith that all will be well in the end and that I'll have the full use of my hands before year's end...cause all this one finger typing is really getting old lol. At any rate I can't say I'm back in the saddle yet, but at least I have the horse out of the barn lol. Looking forward to hearing from all of you and going through the last 20 or so pages of posts to see what I know is wonderful eye candy. Luv you all ~Wing~
  2. Hey All! Just got back from my extended Christmas vacation with family in Atlanta and I'm dying to see what everyone is up to. Been gone since the day after my birthday so I've missed quite a bit and have a lot of catching up to do. Chomping at the bit to read through the pages and see what you've all been doing. Definitely glad to be home in my own bed and back at my craft table. I'm sure my mini's missed me cause I know I missed them. Promised them I'd bring them some new companions from HBS since I was right there, but uncooperative relatives being what they are I never got to the store. That'll teach me. Next time I'll stay in a hotel and get to come and go as I please....TAXI!
  3. Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing your projects.
  4. Speaking of respect, check this out. Who says cats don't rule? http://www.utrend.tv/v/cat-dog/
  5. What are the measurementas on these windows? I may have two in my stash that you can have.
  6. (Sigh) If I buy the materials will you build me a real house?
  7. Thanks, at this point whatever little Hobbit she choses to pose in this house will be eating better than I am!
  8. The Hobbit House Blog: This will be the start of my blog for the Hobbit House build. This house is a last minute request for a Christmas present, and I’ve had to put both my Bronte build and the rehab on my Fairfield on the back burner to get this done in time for the holidays. I’m starting out with these supplies, I’m sure there will be more as I go along but here’s what I had to buy to get started: 6 - pieces of 3MM Birch Plywood ⅛x12x24 1 - quart of Dap Dry Dex Spackling 1 - quart of Minwax English Chestnut 233 wood stain 1 - 18 pc. Carbon hole saw set 2- 1 inch round windows and 2 ½ inch round windows 1 – Piece of ⅛x12x24 inch Plexiglas At this point everything else that I need for the moment is in my stash. I started out by taking two of the boards and cutting them in half to make my two outside walls and two inside partition walls. I measured and cut a third piece for my front wall cutting out a 4½ inch round front door and the four round windows (Two 3½ inch large windows and two 1 inch round windows.). I then cut two 1 inch round holes in the outside wall pieces for my side windows and two 4½ inch openings in my partition walls for the doorways.
  9. Isn't that cute? I've had my eye on it for a while, but didn't have a use for it, so surprisingly (for me) I passed it up. But now that the Hobbit's have stuck their furry little feet into the mix I couldn't say no. I'm begining to realize that for me building mini's is more about the accessories than the house. There must be a closet decorator in me somewhere
  10. Ravenswing


    Love it! What technique did you use on the walls?
  11. Well done! Especially in 1/2 scale, you'll have to share how you did it.
  12. Alexander, so sorry to hear about your lost payment. So many unscrupulous people out there...this is just another example that makes folks afraid to buy from vendors who are outside the country...and another reason to only send money by PayPal. I'm kind of surprised that in this day and age your vendor hasn't set up a PP account - no banking information has to be exchanged and money can be passed back and forth between you with no fees. You can send payments for goods or money to family and friends with no charge as long as you use a checking account with a debit card. Using a credit card there is a nominal fee that is less than $2.00. No more cash or M.O's in the mail and no more worrying because if you don't get your merchandise the payment can be reversed.
  13. I'm beginning to think that everyone who displays mini's at these shows needs to come equiped with one of those plexiglass "sneeze" guards that you find at buffet restaurants. As a matter of fact ...it's not a bad idea at all. So much time, energy and heart is put into the little things we do I think we need to start protecting our treasures with more than our eyes. Something the length of the table, with 4 sides, (front, top and sides) about 8 inches high and 12 inches deep. Easy for us to access from our side of the table and just enough of a deterant to keep greedy fingers off the goods.
  14. OMG! That is fantastic news and well deserved Jeremy. I'm so happy that folks outside the forum will finally be able to see what an amazing builder you are.
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