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Coventry Cottage - Day 5



Day 5 -

So after gluing it all together and making a trip to Michaels for some supplies, I primed the house. I used Gesso, (which I'd heard a lot about and all good things, so I decided to try it). I LOVE it, I will not go back to anything else now having used it. I thought it was a little pricey, but ended up getting a 50% off coupon on my reciept, so I'll go get the tub of it with that coupon.

I primed the whole house, inside and out. I figured since it needed to be done, do it all. I will cover the floors and walls and ceilings with paper, etc., so priming everything sounded like a good idea to me. The best part about this Gesso is that it dries SUPER fast!!! I love that even more!!! So I primed this morning, stopped, ate lunch and then sanded the whole thing, sanded nice and smooth, very soft to the touch.

The next thing I did, since the roof is not on yet, was start to make all of my templates. I chose my wallpaper colors, I had picked up a K&Co. Scrap Pack, it's 180 sheets of scrapbooking paper. The best way to describe it in words is to say "shabby chic"...very beachy, very female... :banana:

Since it's for a little girl, I thought the colors would be perfect. So as I started tracing and cutting, I realized one very important thing...I was doing everything backwards!!!

Each wallpaper piece was cut totally wrong!!! So badly that I ran out of paper, and will have to go get another pack tomorrow...looks like a trip back to the craft store tomorrow...but I have COUPONS to use!!!


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