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Coventry Cottage - Day 6



Day 6 -

So you could actually count this as day 6, 7 and 8...(because it took me three days to do everything I've done so far!!!)

Friday we took a trip to the craft store and I got more paint, some flooring supplies, some Mod Podge and more scrapbook paper. When we got home I re-cut all the wall paper for each room, I finished this on Saturday morning.

On Saturday I started finishing assembling the Corona Concepts furniture kits. I cheated and ended up using a hot glue gun on all the pieces of furniture that I had left to make,...I only have two small clamps and the Tacky Glue was just taking WAAAYYY too long to dry and would move and it was a pain in the you-know-what!

Assembling everything with hot glue was much easier, it stuck into place at once, dried within seconds and came out nicely...I was moving along soo well that I got on a kick, made each and every piece of the kits and then each of the pieces of furniture that came with the Coventry...

On Sunday I started sanding my furniture pieces down and painting and staining them...and I made up all the cushions and bedding for each kit, using some batting to make them soft and squishy!!! They are coming out quite nicely if I may say so... :banana:

Also on Saturday I painted the porch bottom. I used plastering compound to fill in the holes that the porch posts that came with the kit were. I intend to replace those posts with Houseworks ones that I had in my supply box.


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