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I haven't posted lately because I've been working on my house. :whistle: Let's see since my last post, I've added molding around the walls; using joint compound, made stones and painted them on my chimneyblogentry-70-1182298546_thumb.jpg and attached it blogentry-70-1182298570_thumb.jpg

after using magik brick to make the interior of the fireplace. Then I decided to build a fireplace using styrofoam and real wallpaper sample as the covering. To keep it from looking so blan I went looking through my stash of stuff I have lying around "just in case" and found some cute plastic leaf shape buttons blogentry-70-1182298829_thumb.jpg and a metallic button with a pretty design. Found some metalic copper paint and painted them. Here is final result blogentry-70-1182298870_thumb.jpg what do you think? You can't tell from the picture but the paper has a "marble" quality to it.

Also, besides molding around the bottom of the livingroom and kitchen, I found the perfect border from some of the sample wallpaper to use as trim at the top of the living room walls blogentry-70-1182300863_thumb.jpg. While rambling through my stash I also ran across some silver border bought at Big Lots in the scrap book section and made a thingy (can't remember what it is called) to cover the place where the livingroom and kitchen floors meet. blogentry-70-1182300968_thumb.jpg I also used this as a border after painting it white to use around the top of the kitchen wall blogentry-70-1182301913_thumb.jpg I also spent some time doing some touch up paint to the ceilings, which then lead to touch up paint to the borders, which lead to touch up paint of the ceilings (are you starting to recognize a pattern here?) until it dawned on me that I would just have to live with any spots left.

Next thing was to install the completed staircase. blogentry-70-1182302007_thumb.jpg Holly, if you read this, the gluing jig came in real handy with the railings--at least on the flat side. LOL

Following are just pics taken from different angles of the work so far.


Hopefully, within a few days I will be able to show pics of the second floor wallpapered over templates. The bathroom will be a marblely pinkish color and the bedroom has blue flowers separated with a blue strip with the bottom a grayish blue color. I used templates in oder to be able to stick them on with double sided carpet tape so the wiring can be easily fixed in the event of any problems.

The last jar of stucco will be used to decorate the 2nd floor ceilings and I am still trying to decide what type of floors I want. I think I have a perfect piece gathered from the scrap section of WallyWorld for carpetting the bedroom. Will have to wait till wallpaper is up to make sure of the colors matching.

I hope you enjoy my progress. I've had so much fun trying out new things, at least new to me, on this house.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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Considering this was still a "bare nekkid Maggie" when I saw it, WOW! If you're making this for a grandkid, ignore this suggestion, but if you're keeping this one & still smoking, take a little cooled ash from an ashtray and smear it on the Magic Brik in your fireplace, those pristine white bricks are just TOO clean! with that black grout they really jump out.

The marbled chimneybreast with the coppery medalliona really pop & look so good. I really like how the joint compound worked for the stones. You can be the Queen of Joint Compound!

Gotta love that gluing jig. Just wait until you start making furniture!

Your metal strips for the threshhold strip and the kitchen ceiling trim are what I used around the Orchid general store ceiling downstairs.

I can't wait to see more!

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Thank you Holly for your suggestions, it is for a DGD, but I might try to be real careful and put a wash on it. With my CRS disease, I meant to do it before I attached it. May have to find her some little logs to put in there also.

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