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Wollepluis' Ponies


Wollepluis' Ponies
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Welcome here! I'm currently working on redoing a little stable. It'll be home to my cherished 1/12th scale Julip Originals Wolle’s Blueberry, Wolle’s Tailor of Gloucester, Wolle’s Mr. Abbotsbury and Wolle’s Paddington.

Established in 1945, Julip Originals is a UK-based company that produces and extensive range of 1/12th scale model horses. Julips are latex-cast and wire gramed, allowing their legs to be adjusted and retain a pose. Crafted, painted and haired entirely by hand, Julip Originals have been collected and cherished by generations of model enthusiasts. 

I absolutely love to create teeny tiny bits and bobs to give my stable a tad bit more character. It surely is a lovely way to set my mind at ease and pass some time on a rainy Sunday morning. Isn’t that what we all need every now and then? This is were you can see a few photographs of my little yard and the progress of the barn. Oh, and I blog about it too, you can all about it over at www.wollepluis.com.


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