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Dollhouse dinnerare sets - help finding the one I am looking for

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Ive been searching for a long time, and finally I am just going to ask the experts (that's you):

In the past, I know I have seen 50 piece dinnerware sets of china in different patterns - plum patter, blue flowers, grapes, pink flowers...

This is an example of the set:


I remember seeing these at an online shop - but when I browns my fave shops, I can't find anything.


I have the blue floral set and love it - and would like the plum, grape, and maybe the blue&pink victorian set.

I am a dinnerware addict.

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dear desperately seeking dinnerware,

maybe HBS might tell you who makes these sets ... ? yours is sooooo pretty!

there's an eBay auction for a similar set, blue and flowered, at number 270020132284.


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Good dollhouse china sets are difficult to find. I am looking for a pretty set for my Pierce, Glencroft, Garfield, San Franciscian, etc., etc., ad nauseum! I do have molds for the china but not the patience! And they look a bit too large....but will try again. Good porcelain is hard to find!


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MountainMiniatures.com has a really good selection of dinnerware. I saw one other 50 piece set besides the one you showed. Their's is rather pricey but sometimes if you just have to have a certain thing you want, price is not the deciding factor. I love their stuff. Good luck in your search!

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Couldn't you send a pm to the store on EBay that is selling that set, and ask them if they could get you sets in other colors? Or, email HBS, and ask them the same thing. Most stores don't mind at all helping a customer find certain items like that, especially when they already are carrying them in one color.

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