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8/27/07 First Cell Phone

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  1. 1. What is an appropriate age to get your first cell phone?

    • 8 or younger
    • 9 - 10
    • 11 - 14
    • 15 - 17
    • I wouldn't get one for my kid

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I've always felt that the cellphone would make it's debut once there are opportunities for the child to be on their own. I remember when I was in 5th grade my mom dropped me and a friend off at school around 6pm for a Ranger Rick meeting. But she didn't wait to see us in... we knocked on the back door and the janitor opened the door. Turns out there was no meeting. The janitor didn't even have access to a phone. We ended up walked 6 blocks to the nearest grocery store in the dark, terrified! Same year I had a computer club meeting after school and my mom completely forgot I was there... it wasn't until she was calling everyone for dinner that she realized I was still waiting at school. I should mention here these were two RARE, and very much remembered events for me!!

So basically, like someone else said, once there are opportunities for my tyke to be in situations where there is no organized care, like going to the mall with friends, or after-school activities we will be getting the cell phone.

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I don't even have one myself! I don't think kids should have a phone. Maybe at 18+, but not before (when they can pay for it themselves).

They are allowed to use the phone at school if absolutely necessary. I am usually home and they can often reach their dad who has a cell phone for work. And they must ask permission before they go anywhere else - yes, even my 15 year old. I want to know where my kids are!

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We gave our granddaughter a cell phone at 14 so she can call to let us know when her tennis or band practice is over and we could go pick her up. Her tennis practice can be at 2 or more places depending on the weather and the coaches mood, so she has to let us know where to pick her up for that day. Or if she is at a friends she can call before she goes with their family somewhere, even if that family doesn't have a phone and some of her friends don't. If she is walking home from school and someone tries to bother her she can call 911, anytime someone is bothering her for that matter.

For Christmas this year we got her a Virgin mobile phone with unlimited texting. They have several plans that are like the prepaid phones and the advantage is that the price is a set rate, they can't tack on any charges, the phone just shuts off if it is not paid for the month. The unlimited texting is $10.00 flat rate in addition to the plan you choose. Her total is about $$40 a month. There are a couple cheaper and a couple higher depending on how many minutes you want. With the unlimited texting she doesn't use that many minutes so we could get a cheaper plan.

In my opionion, with the way things are now days, I think a cell phone is vital for the safety of our kids. We need to be able to find them, they need to be able to find us, call 911, etc. cos you never know what is going to happen with crime the way it is. Important more so for girls. With younger children being kidnapped I would feel better if the younger ones had one as well if they have any time they walk somewhere or have to wait for a working parent to pick them up.

I'm climbing down off my pro cell phones for kids soap box now! :crazyeyes:


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