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love your tat Nutti...you are doing great girl...hang in there and everything will work out...I'm here if you need me...I know what you mean about medicare not paying...my last surgery is up in the air right now...just waiting on medicare to decide if they are going to pay or not...

you look awesome....and have came along ways in one year...sending you lots of mini hugs

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Hi Nutti - just finished getting caught up on this thread. I really hope the insurance guys get on the ball and quit causing you grief!

Meanwhile ... stay focused on your out-of-this-world transformation! You HAVE broken free of your cocoon, you ARE a butterfly, and if your wings are a little wet and need time to dry out ... so be it. Before long you will be soaring, lady!

Thanks SO MUCH for being yourself - you have done us all a world of good! (My DH has an umbilical hernia - he has had it for years now, and can't have the surgery until he loses some weight .... if only he would read some of your story, I know it could inspire him too. I fret about him all the time, but it seems nothing I say or do will "make" him take care of himself. He needs a dose of Nutti!)

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update on the insurance snafuuu

I was off work with severe sinusitus thursday and friday...friday I spent ALL day on the phone trying to get something straiten out. well I found out that medicare is NOT going to pay....seems like I did not meet all of their criteria for WLS...I find this annoying as you would NOT believe!

because.....in order for the Dr and hospital to be able to bill medicare at all they had to jump through all the hoops to become a center of excellence to preform surgery if you are a medicade/medicare person he will not even make your first appointment unless you the pt meet ALL the requirements! on paper...which I did.

where does it stand now....medicare paid for my gall bladder removal...the DR. but has paid nothing of the hospital bill or any of the other things associated with surgery....

SOOOOO where do I go from here??? well not sure yet but Im working on it...Im glad Dean has been working so hard on the house as we may end up having to sell it to pay off the hospital...if worse comes to worse...I havent given up hope YET!

its kind of like my theme song...if it can go wrong it will go wrong...at least it didnt happen BEFORE the WLS.

Im now down to 246...can you believe that??? I say to my DH all the time I have a Long way to go....LOL he says babe...you have come a LOONG way....you should feel like its almost over but the gravy....well pooooo Im gonna take it all the way to NORMAL BMI.....wonder what mine is suppose to be?

I got this wonderful tool to help me I am going to use it all the way to normal and in my mind its a long way....

I have been out on the bike a few times but as of now we are in the "dog days" of summer which here in MO is HOT and HUMID. the humidity can make the temps even hotter than what they are.

my new size 22 jeans my mom bought me for the reunion in Sept are feeling VERY loose these days...I guess it will be a shopping trip for me before the big day to buy something cute and cool to wear....and now when I say that I actually see cute items jump through my mind....very hard to wrap my mind around 2x shirts and 3x pants getting too BIG???


all of the support I have gotten here is the bomb! yall are the greatest and Im so thankful to have such wonderful positive folks on my side!

remember I may not be posting much or doing any miniature making but I do come read everyday...and LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new eyecandy!

and all of the encouraging words...just the thing I need before heading off to the fortress of evil(JOB) :yes:

The hernia is behaving itself at the moment so Im just living my life and see where it goes from here.

the kids are suppose to be leaving this weekend...I will be so depressed over the grandbaby's but hopefully this is just what the parents need to grow UP and take some real responsibility twords those babies.

did yall notice form the new photo that I had to again cut my hair....5 inches this last time.

not much left at all.....and its full of BODY(curl)

its very hard to watch the hair fall in the floor....for so much of my life my hair was all I had that I felt good about. I guess a healthier body is worth the hair??? :)

I am really making a big effort to get in all the protien I need for healthier me and maybe the hair will come back nicer than before.

one can always hope!

nutti :)

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I guess a healthier body is worth the hair?
rotflmbo! You betcha sweet a** it is! Ask any cancer survivor on chemo! Are you not eating lots of baked & broiled skinless poultry & fish/ seafood that you aren't getting enough protein? Add gelatin and tofu to your diet; broad beans are a good source of veggie protein.
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well I had to get on here and brag about my WOW moment today...

I took Catriona shopping for school stuff...tax free weekend here. and while at Fashion bug I found some tops for myself which were 10$ I got the 1x and just for kicks I ask the clerk...so what size is under 18/20....its been so long since I wore 18/20 she tells me 14/16 so I go look and there is one with Butterflys on it so I tried it on! IT FITS! and yes I bought it. and tomorrow I will have the kid take a photo of me in it....you know what it is???

I gots NOOOOO boobies....its gone...I dunno who stole them but I would like them back plzz.

the kid tells me its time to buy a smaller size braziere. so before the reunion I am investing the time into being sized and fitted for a proper fitting bra.

gravity and age are no friend of mine :)

Im hoping to get some sun tomorrow...there will be plenty of it. I am just LOVING the pool and our backyard oasis...tonight we had date night out there. very romantic with all the candles and tiki torches going.

I am getting excited and a little freaked out by the reunion coming up. I want family(aunts/uncles) to notice but I dont want them to make a big deal about it....because alot of those people(reunion) wont know I used to be so big and do I really want to spend 3 hours doing sharing?

so we are suppose to bring photos and a covered dish...I am taking 100 deviled eggs

of what do I take photos??? I dont have very many of my great grandparents...I guess my gran will be the oldest there...2 of her cohorts of the day are in nursing homes and plans are affoot to bring them to reunion to suprise her. the rest have passed. its going to be interresting.

I am waiting until the week before to get myself a new outfit for the day...but I may wear my butterfly shirt...its cut lower in the back to showcase my tat....

huggzz all..oh and Holly I try to consume lots of whey protien because my body absorbs this better than from foods...I do eat foods high in protien but the most I can hope Ill get from it is half of what it says because of the mal absorbtion issues...at least this is what I understand.

so I make sure I drink my protien shake and eat Protien bars along with my food intake.

sometimes its very hard to get it all in...I am just not interrested in food most days. it has lost its hold on me for now.

nutti :wave:

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That's part of the success of the surgery you've had, and I'm so proud of you for having it done! Once you reach your goal & have the plastic surgery (after the hernia repair!) you'll be amazed at what'll reappear! I wish someone would take the textured soy protein that used to be available in the grocerys to add to ground meat and make it in a powdered form that can be mixed in with veggies, etc, for folks who need lots of it due to malabsorption issues. I'm glad you have a useable source.

Have fun at the reunion!

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14/16!!!!!! :wave: You are going to be the belle of the ball at your reunion!

The butterfly top sounds very pretty. :) People are bound to make a fuss over you - why shouldn't they? I understand you might like to "keep a low profile" - but this is such a MAJOR achievement, Nutti - they're going to be so happy for you!

Knock 'em dead, Lynette! :)

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Hi Lynette :)

I LOVE reading your updates. You are looking so awesome! You've come a long way and I'm so proud of you! That really sucks about your surgery $ coverage. I hope you can get things worked out without having to sell your house.

You're an inspiration! I started Weight Watchers last week, I am making changes in my life and will be successful too!

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Wow Nutti, that's great about the shirt, I bet it looks beautiful on you! No Boobs, heck, my boobs are always in the way. I always get something on them when I wear light colors! If i bend down, they always end up landing in something, and every time I spill coffee, that's where it ends up. :crazyeyes:

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whew I am soo bad about updating I had to search for this thread and bring it up 8 pages...wow we sure do talk and visit alot!~ :lol:

Ill start from my last update.

I had a major break in my emotions the week before the reunion as we all know and have been feeling better a bit more each day. I havent cried for several days now. Im still feeling fragile emotionaly speaking but Im much better now. The reunion was awesome! lots of food and family!

huggs and lots of happy suprise when folks relised it was me. my aunt who saw me a few years ago and told me how scared was she was for me at the time. she cried as did one of my cousins. I had several people pull me aside for my story and photos. lots of support and it felt good.

I found myself at my union to take care of some ins issues and talked with my union rep but because I simply walked out I wont be getting my job back. and as time passes I think that is for the best. I still frak out when I let myself think about how STUPID I was but it happens and sometimes it happens for the best.

so Last Thursday one of my friends from work called me and said we think Larry is dead. another co-worker. he has been having sleep issues and must have fallen asleep on his way to work he drifted under a semi and was killed instantly. his name couldnt be released until after 1pm due to the fact his poor mother was in Oregon attending her own mother's funeral. very sad stuff. it affected all of us alot. Sat night I went to a party with my co-workers and had several shots of tequila which of course went straight to my head. I am happy to report that the alchol did not make me sick as I thought it might. Dean made sure I waited 30 mins between shots. I got very wobbly!LOL we all drank toast to our friend Larry and I had a wow moment.

we were sitting around a fire and I got chilly as I often do now and my DH of almost 24 yrs said I got my big jacket ya wanna drape it over your shoulders....well his big Jacket was BIG on me toooooooo! I wore it proudly the rest of the night. I have never worn ANYTHING of my DH ever.

and then yesterday I had another wow moment. out in my yard is our big wood swingset DH built our boys when we first moved into our house 18 yrs ago. and I swang on it. I was always afraid of it and could not fit into the plastic swings ....even when it was new.

I got a pair of jeans on clearance size 20's :lol:

bought myself some comfy pants at fashion bug size 2x on clearance. I told my sweet Hubby that I feel thin. I have been feeling really thin the last few days. so I took myself to the Dr. to be weighed....I have lost another 6 pounds. :) so now I weigh 232.

you know whats crazy....ME! sitting here in a public forum and announcing I weigh 232 and Im happy about it. Do you know what my license reads?? 190...yup I lied! if you look at my license today thats what it says and it is OBVIOUS that I do not weigh anything around 190...who did I think I was fooling.... it doesnt expire until my birthday in 2009 I have had MANY raised eyebrows when I have used it. havent been refused yet but one person said " you really should go get an updated license" well maybe I should but I wont unless the police stop me and tell me too...and hasnt happened yet. I have been on a wild ride and hanging on for dear life. its been exciting and scary ,happy and sad,thrilling and the anticipation of what may come next is tantilizing!

it boggles my mind when I look back and see where I came from just one short yr ago.

I remember laying awake when I was a teenager praying for God to work a miracle and let me wake up thin like all my friends. as an adult I know that I should have seen a Dr when I gained 80lbs and 4 inches in one summer.....my Jason did the same as did Catriona. I know within myself that both my children have thyroid issues. I had Catie checked out and of course she was "normal" I was always in "normal" range also doesnt mean it was working for me.

Last yr when we as a family decided I was going to have WLS and this would be a change in all of our lives. and it has. I have lost 228 pounds since starting this journey my hubby lost 15 and Catriona lost 30. we all feel healthier and happier.

I used to dread walking out of my house out to my van to go anywhere because I would get so winded/wore out and I was so scared of falling. at wal-marts I used handicap parking and barely could make it to the buggy's with a cane. do you remember Tracy and Linda?

I never went anywhere alone. I always had to have someone with me to push my wheelchair...my poor daughter. she was my life saver. and of course my Dean. my rock, he has waited a long time to have the wife he married. we are enjoying our days. even with the threat of impending doom we are so very happy and in love we are like newlyweds and how many folks married as long as we have been can say that??

I hope my book today hasnt bored you to tears. but I wanted to update and now I will upload a reunion photo. 5 generations

nutti :wave:

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Bored? NEVER, but tears, yes, tears of pride and joy to hear about your great adventure! Not an easy one but atleast one with a great story one never gets bored with!

Lots of hugs!!!!

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Lynette, you have a very exciting life! How could we be bored when you share such uplifting "ups" and such emotional "downs"? We're sometimes holding our collective breath as we follow your rollercoaster ride - cheering you on when we can. :lol: You have us on the edge of our seats as you share the good days and the bad. You are indomitable, unforgettable, but never NEVER boring! I'm very proud of you - no matter what - you are amazing!

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Nutti, it is SO good to hear that you're happy again! And what fun to be like newlyweds again!

I, too, got a bit teary for you. You've been through so much and despite the difficulties you've accomplished so much. You truly are inspiring! Maybe you really should write a book!

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Lynette, you are such a beautiful woman, inside and out. I love hearing about your experience because you have come so very far. I was reading some of your story to my hubby and he commented that you must have worked very hard to get to where you are. I love the five generations photo and hearing of you finally wearing something of your hubby's. It just touched my heart. Keep up the fantastic job you are doing.

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