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I have thought about this for awhile now so today I decided to open a topic for those of you interrested in my progress.

I had R-NY gastric Bypass on June 27th 2007

a little over a month ago. I decided to try again to do this in April when I heard about a doctor in Little Rock Arkansas who really cared for his patients.

I started this particular leg of my journey weighing in at 460 pounds. I have weighed more although I wont ever know for sure as I wasnt weighed when I was at my largest.

Im thinking somewhere around 530 or so.

Friday July 27 I weighed in at 395 with a 12 inch loss to my hips!

This is me today.


I am wearing a new outfit my aunt bought me from "Catherines"


this is a full body shot for future comparison.

I am not offended by any questions so if you have one please feel free to ask.

please also note that the sandles are normal shoes and I havent shopped in Catherines for 3 yrs. most of my things have came from the internet!

on my way down now!


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LYNETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!! I could tell immediately in your face that you had lost. Wow!!

I am so glad you started this thread too. We will be here to support you through your whole journey:)

PS. The outfit looks really nice also.

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Wow! That was a significant loss for such a short period of time! Good for you! :yes: And you look wonderful and so happy! This is very exciting! :banana:

Sweetie, since you've invited questions, I have some! Are you feeling well otherwise? Any side effects? Special diet? How often do you go back for checkups? (Guess you can tell this is a foreign subject to me)

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I am totally impressed! Congrats on doing so good. Even with surgery, this is a struggle to lose weight (no easy fixes!) and I admire the heck out of you! Some of my favorite shows on TV are "Big Surgery" about 2 drs. in Houston that do gastric bypass and Inside Brookhaven about the struggles of the super obese. This is such an enormous accomplishment to all who try so hard and succeed. Kudos to you and may you have all the success you deserve. LOOKING GOOD!!!!!!!! :banana:

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Wow! You are looking marvelous!! And I have to say, I'm very jealous of your beautiful HAIR!!! I would kill for hair like that!!

Keep it up, and don't let anything get in your way. I've been dieting for 8 months now, and am down to 163...only 23 lbs left to go, but they are the hardest. Although when my husband says "oohhh, you're looking GOOD" as I am walking away from him, I am motivated to reach my goal. I even bought myself a new bathing suit last week!!!

Now...if I could just have hair like that....<sigh>

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Lynette, you are looking great!!!! Both my mother and my sister have had the surgery and I have seen the amazing transformation. Yours is AMAZING!!!

The most important thing is you are going to feel sooooooooooooooooo much better, looking great is just a perk!

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Hey Lynette, Speaking of your beautiful hair. Have you lost any of it yet.

I know that can be a side effect of such a drastic weight loss. Last time I lost weight I had alot come out. It didn't effect mine much cause I have a ton too. The cool thing was when what I had lost came back in it came in curly.

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Lynette, thank you for sharing with us. You know you are in our hearts and minds every day and that everyone here is pulling for you. With a fan club like this, you won't want for support when you need it. BTW, that is one of the loveliest "before" pictures I've ever seen. Your "after" picture in a few months is going to be a knockout! :banana:

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nutti, you're doing so well!!!! wow, congratulations!!

love the photos, and the outfit and your new kicks. :yes:

ok, yep, i have two questions: what does WLS mean?

and i'd like to know how you're feeling, too, please -- i surely hope that the answer is "great."

ya know, i think it might be hard to choose what's most impressive about you: your talent, your courage, or that SMILE!

many hugz,


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Nutti - you are awesome! What a look of happiness shining out of that lovely face.

Somehow, as you've grown thinner, your hair has gained volume. How does that work? :banana:

It's wonderful to see the changes in you as you progress on this marvellous journey. Thanks for sharing every step of the way with us! Your strength and humour is admirable.

You've accomplished so much already - can't wait to see where you take us next!

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You can see the sparkle in your eyes and that speaks louder than words! You look Awesome....I really like the sandals too. I am a shoe nut...I have over 150 pairs I think...You should be so proud of yourself!! Keep us updated! :yes: :banana:

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WLS= Weight Loss Surgery

how am I feeling?

well I feel pretty good now that the drain tube is out and I can stay home for 5 minutes

special diet...yup

soft foods for now....about 2 medicine cups full at one time....sometimes I can and sometimes I cant. put your index finger and pointer finger together and that is my pouch.

no I havent lost any of the hair yet....I am drinking protien shakes. lack of protien can make you loose your hair. I also have gotten protien pudding and drinks from GNC

I take 2 flinstone complete vitiamin a day along with 2 chewable calcium tablets

once in the am and once in the evening.

my hair is the one thing I have been happy with all of my life so I dont want to loose it.

also note that if we met in person you wouldnt see the hair...it is thick and heavy and is worn in a ponytail...everyday all day long.

I take it down for photos!.....

now that I have posted this first phot I will post one everymonth and together we can see how it goes...I am also very interrested to see the progress.

although I can tell in the way clothes fit...I still dont see it!

thanks for all of the encouragement!

nutti :banana:

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Nutti, there's only one thing to say........................"Dahling, you look MAH-VA-LOUS!!!" I'm serious, you really, really look great! Your color is healthy and your eyes are sparkling and lordy girl, if I could whistle, I would!! Most important, you look happy! I'm literally cheering you from here. (which scared the cat, but he'll get over it) It sounds like you're taking good care of yourself and doing all the smart things you need to do. You are awesome.


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Oh Nutti, my dear, when starting to read the thread I actually cried as you looked so very happy and I know how tough this has been on you but you are struggling through it like a fighter with a golden heart!

Your eyes says it all I think!

Lots and lots of hugs!

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Nutti, I know that this has been an incredibly difficult and somewhat frightening step to take. I am so very impressed with your courage and your determination to make it work. Thank you for sharing this with us so that we can cheer you on.

And yes, it is a beautiful "before" picture!

Way to go, Nutti!!!!!! :banana:

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