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A mini scavenger hunt!


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This game is a lot of fun and a great way to learn how to maneuver round this site. Many times I can readily picture the photo I want to find, but not sure where it is. Sometimes the photo is in blogs and other times in the gallery.

I was looking for the same photo that Tracy just posted on the geese and the pond. I arrived to post my find just one minute after Tracy had posted. I'd located the photo and right-clicked copy. But then, Trinity was doing something really cute, so I had to stop and make a fuss over her.

This really is a great idea!


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OMG!! I can't believe I found that! I thought it was going to be impossible to find something so specific as a red gingham bathroom and just as I was about to give up, I thought, "That sounds like something Teresa would do, so I went and checked her galleries and sure 'nuff! Here it is:


Okay, I'm gonna step back to a more generic item so it's easier to find and we can keep the game rolling. Lemme think for a minute............

Find a birdbath.


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