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Well, it's time to create the fireplace. I wanted to know which day would be better for you. In some parts of the world Saturday for me is actually Sunday Already. Sunday for me is a workday (Monday for 2 members) so I want to see which of the two times are better. Tomorrow, I will post the next steps for you to do before the class.


Right now these are the only two times I have available.

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if you are doing the class this weekend I have to pick sunday as I will be extremly busy Fri and Sat.

friday is busy getting ready for Sat Maple Leaf festvale here in our town.

big Parade in the am followed by car show,craft fair,dog show, and Band festival

this will go on all day and than it is also my SIL birthday so we will go out to dinner

and sunday is my Grans B-day. to much in one weekend!

but its like this every year.

Im hoping to be there to make the fireplace.

really want to be more comfortable to work with paperclay.

nutti :p

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Either day is good for me so I won't vote - just wanted to post though to let you know - in case either would have been a good option for several people .. so you're not thinking "hmm I could have sworn more folks were interrested than this" :p

Hope that makes sense - I'm having a brain dead morning


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We won't be home until very much later Sunday or some time early Monday, but I'm voting for Sunday in case we make it back much earlier than we expect and I can print the tutorial from the chat, perhaps.

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Here is the List:

This is the list of items that will be needed for our first chat room project which will feature making a paperclay fireplace as shown in the photo below. Please buy these items and the class schedule for this one will be posted soon! Mine was added to the cave and yours will be free standing and can be glued to any wall you like (If you want it to be more versatile, don't glue to the wall :p ).

These are the supplies needed:

1). 1" thick foam board or builders foam (cut 4 1/2"W x 4" H)

2). 1/4th" thick builders foam (cut one peice for the hearth 6"L x 2"D cut the other 5 1/2"L x 1 1/2"D for the mantel and one piece for the firplace back cut 4 1/2"W x 4" H). You can write this on each piece with a pen or pencil)

3). 1 small pack of paper clay (das clay can be substituted) (www.paperclay.com)

4). One 1" thick paint brush

5). wood glue (I use probond or titebond but any will work)

6). One lion head or other applique

7). 2oz. Delta Ceramcoat Paint (One of hippo gray and One of Toffe Brown)

8). One 4oz disposable cup

8). One 1/2" thick paint brush

10). One Sharp hobby knife

11). One sharpened Pencil

12). 1 Hot Glue Gun (glue Sticks)

13). 1 craft stick

14). Rolling Pen (Like what you would use to roll out dough)

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Hi Tracy,

Count me in! Either of those days works for me. :p

I'm wondering, though, about the paint colors. Can I substitute them? I'd like to make the fireplace to go into my Buttercup, which I'm thinking of doing Shabby Chic style.

Thanks! :D

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I will probably not be able to make either time... Saturday we have plans and Sunday I'm going to the Good Sam show and other shops in that area and don't know when I'll get home (that's 5:00 for me... I probably won't be back by then). But maybe I'll pop in and see what you guys are up to if I get back in time. :D

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Well, because I keep getting the evil looks from Holly & Linda (Just kidding, but they keep hinting) I will post the pictures here in this section the day before the class. That way some people may just wanna ask questions while in chat and others may want hands on questions. I am taking pictures right now LOL.


Have fun at that show!

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Well, I will post the first set of pictures and instructions tomorrow. I know it will take people different times cause we all work differently. This is a 30 min project for me alone but, I have done many of these so youcan't go by that. I say set aside a good hour and 30 min just in case. It won't be long at all if all parts are cut out and glued togther when we start which is why I will post those pictures starting tomorrow and Friday.


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I hate to show my dumbness, :D but I was trying to get together my supplies today and couldn't find 1" foamboard, so I went to Home Depot and ask for builders foam and they looked at me and wanted to know if it came in a spray, I told them that I thought it was more like foam board so what I ended up getting was called cello foam poly panel. (Looks like styrofoam to me :D ). Please tell me if this is the same as builders foam and if not where can I get it.

As you laugh at this probably very stupid question, please remember, this is my first endeavor in construction and add that to the brain lapses that sometime occur, and remember most of all, laughing is good for the soul!


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Home Depot may call it Insulation Board :D . I tell you, they had no idea what a Silo tube was (the cardboard tubes used for concrete but makes WONDERFUL towers for us :D ).

It comes in Pink or blue. Michaels carry 1" thick foam board. It should be around there frame department. seems Like Hobby Lobby had it too but I am not too sure of the thickness.

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no idea what a Silo tube was (the cardboard tubes used for concrete but makes WONDERFUL towers for us

The cardboard tubes that form the core for rolls of carpeting make wonderful towers, too, and bigbox hardware stores would probably be just as happy to let you haul one off as they are to let you have out-of-date wallpaper books.

Like LInda I would be interested in somewone's making this tutorial available for reading (archived, perhaps, so later newbies to this site can have the benefit of chatroom tutorial info). Just a thought.

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Here are the steps to follow and get to before class if possible.

1). First trace your lines to create the fireplace front by using the 1" thick foam board.


2). Cut out with your hobby knief


3). Take out you 1/4" thick foam board (This is for the fireplace back). You can do this the easy way and trace the fireplace front and cut out with your hobby knief. or you can cut a piece 4 1/2"W x 4"H



4). With the 1/4" thick foam board cut your mantel & hearth. I have the size for the mantel rather large. If you like you can cut it an 1/2" shorter, which I did to mine because for this one, I want it a bit smaller. The Hearth is big enough to hold the

fireplace tools and a basket of logs.


5). Take your fireplace front and place your 4oz. disposable cup in the center of the fireplace front upside down. Be sure the cup edge is resting on the bottom edge

of your fireplace front.


6). Trace this circle.


7). Take your straight ruler edge and place it on the side curve of your circle. Mark it

making a straight line on each side. Plug In Your Hot Glue Gun Now!



8). With your hobby knief, cut this out. This will be your fireplce opening.


9). Now, take your fireplce front & back. Glue these two pieces together with your

hot glue gun. Press firmly for about 15 seconds. It should look like this:



10). Get your fireplace mantel. Glue it to the top of your fireplace. Be sure it is

centered before the glue setsand be sure this is the size you want it Before you glue.


11). Glue your fireplace Hearth to the fireplce structure bottom. Be sure it is centered

before the glue sets. Now you have the structure to work with. Now we only

have the clay to do!


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