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Happy Anniversary Nutti!!!

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I just noticed that today is your 2 year anniversary on the forums Nutti!! Congrats!! you are such a warm ray of sunshine on this wonderful forum!!!! :lol:

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Congratulations Nutti, although I know for a fact you've been contributing longer than 2 years--you helped me out on the old forum. Thank you for all of your advice and encouragement.

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yall are too kind!

its hard to believe that its been 2 yrs.. :lol: ...this forum has grown sooo much and we have such a wide variety of artisians here...that almost anything can be found within these"walls"so to speak!

Id like to thank each of you for helping me down this road of dollhouse building and miniature makeing!

I learn so much each and everyday from all of you.

thanks so much! :p

nutti :)

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Congrats to you Lynette!

You are right about all the artists on here. But if it wasnt for your help and guidance, I dont think I would have gotten as far as I have...

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Truly Happy Anniversary Nutti! I've only been on here a short time and I so enjoy your posts and all the wealth of information you so graciously share!

Happy Anniversary!


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