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I am running out of table. I am glad the HUD house is going this weekend because I have to take the E. Row and move her. She is in the way!!!! (shhh she didnt hear that). I blogged some more pics. This pic shows what the whole length will be minus the tower. You can barely see it on the right side.

Those are two big rooms..no wall partitions. I *might* use some foam core and split up the downstairs room into two..a livingroom and a diningroom. But I will see what the house wants.

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ohhh I love it!

you are moving right along!

tell me...does this kit also come with windows and trim and such?

do you have any mutterings from house as to what color it may choose?

nutti :lol:

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Yes it came with window inserts and trimmings for the outside. I have to buy shingles and siding though. I has tiles for the floors, fabric and stuffing for the furniture (48 pieces of furniture). It doesnt have trim for the insides of the windows though and I have quite a few circles. I will figure that out when I get to it. Might be a reason to get the dremel I have always wanted.

Color.. I have no idea. Usually when you dream of a house you already have an idea of what you want to do. This was a big mystery to me. I think it wont come to me until I am done with constructing. I have been thinking of making into one of those nice big beach houses we have here in my neck of the woods. The things are basically mansions and the rich would build them as their summer home. So I might paint it a gray color but that can change.

I have to measure because I dont like the stairs provided. I also want to measure the doorways. I am thinking of putting housework doors in between all the rooms.

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sounds like plans are forming in your minds eye to how it may look when it comes to it.

round window trim....make a template of the outside trim and you can use not only wood to make them but also heavy duty cardstuff...ohh matboard was the name I was looking for.

but that is a ways off. I could see this house as a beachfront property.


the 1/2 scale version of this house the Elizabeth Anne if it would have stayed here was to be a brothel :lol:

ss that poor ER has to be moved down the priority list for now....she is really coming right along!

nutti :)

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Where the H-E-double hockey sticks am I gonna put this behemoth??

I covers more than half of the diningroom table lengthwise.

I am going to stop building now and start working on other things. The wood is the thickness of an Orchid. I had troubles getting the Orchid tapewired because the thing you push into the tapewire to plug it in would push completely thru the wood.

I have to light this house! Some of these rooms are so deep that you would never be able to see anything because it is so dark in there.

Need to take window measurements for treatments later on, and start doing some of the flooring and wallpaper in some areas before I put the roofline on.

I will post more pics in blog tomorrow.

I just dont know what to do about the lighting dilemma. Dont suggest roundwire. I am scared of that. Too much like the real thing!

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Ohhh, justl ove this! It looks great, and I can most certainly understand you "being a proud mama"!!!!!

Looking forward seeing your building process with this one as well!


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Wolfie's jaws are hung wide open with the lower one on the floor! What a beautiful, behometh, huge, wonderful, eye-opening, stunning, gorgeous dollhouse! You done good Heidi!

I have to get my duct tape out and get my jaw back in place......bye

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The pics on the instructions dont do justice to the size of this house. Then when I got the box I was like "that box seems a bit small"

Now I know why. The house is basically three pieces that are glued together at the floor joints.

Going to run to ac moore today with my coupon and get some siding and maybe a staircase. I have my measurements handy!

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Thank you! :whistle:

I am siding the front, so nothing spectacular. I have learned something from the last house I sided..I am doing the siding now before I put the roof on! Helps immensely.

I am thinking of painting the outside a muted green. Very pale. Like Sage but maybe even lighter. I have to see what I have. I think I will paint the front after I am done to see what it looks like.

No new pics yet.

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"nothing spectacular" ?!?

this house is spectacular!

and at the rate you're going, i wouldn't be surprised if you've got it sided, roofed and wired by the end of the day!

BTW, i think the color idea is fab.

you GO!!

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Heidi, after seeing the frame work, there's no question now on the scales is there? I can't wait to see how you decorate. The rooms are so roomy you'll have room for all sorts of goodies.

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LOL, I have the whole front sided but gave the crew a break today and went to our favorite summertime hot dog place (they open first day of spring), then walked it off at a local state park.

Nat vetoed the green. She wants it to be yellow. I am going to let her decision be the one. This house is really ez to side. If I didnt take a break and just kept on it I could have finished siding the whole house today.

I think with the extra thickness of the siding, electrifying isnt going to be a problem.

I am not siding the tower. I think I am going to use paperclay and brick it.

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I am sooo in love with this house with you!

I hated to give up my EA because I just loved the layout and all of the wonderful features including the tower! I do look forward to seeing this house finished.

I think if another one of these houses came up again I would have to bid on it!

I LOVE it!

more photos soon please!

nutti :groucho:

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Thanks Lynette.

I am like possessed with this house for some reason. I ran out of siding yesterday so I will have to wait until Friday to pick up some more. I have to look at a tut on paperclaying the tower.

I changed the color again. That yellow was too blue to me (if you understand that) I went with a warmer yellow this time.

That is Baby (Master Bird Killer) keeping guard on the palace. He hasnt climbed inside. Not yet. As you can see I accidentally woke him up taking pics.

I did a lil blog.

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