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2007 Heart Arbor Contest Results

Mini Man

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Our First Annual Heart Arbor Contest Results

I would like to start off by thanking all of you who participated in this contest. We here at Greenleaf were stunned to see what everyone did with the Heart Arbor Kit. The competition was so strong that we found it very difficult to pick just three winners based on originality, so we added three additional prize which you can read about below. I hope everyone has enjoyed this contest and I look forward to seeing what the next competition will bring. Without further delay, I present you the winners of the 2007 Heart Arbor Contest:

First Place

Special Birch Press Proof of the Vineyard Cottage Dollhouse Kit

Congratulations Jackie!


Second Place

A Beacon Hill Dollhouse Kit

Congratulations KathieB!


Third Place

A $100 Gift Certificate to the Greenleaf Company Store

Congratulations sharon!


Best Photographic Composition

A $50 Gift Certificate to the Greenleaf Company Store

Congratulations wenlaine!


Best Incorporation of a Greenleaf Dollhouse

A $50 Gift Certificate to the Greenleaf Company Store

Congratulations IAK!


Best Floral Arrangement

A $50 Gift Certificate to the Greenleaf Company Store

Congratulations CrzyLdyWmn!


I would like to mention again that there were many other stunning entries and it was very difficult to narrow it down to these six contestants. All entries are available for viewing online in our Community Contests and Classes Gallery which you can visit here.

A Special Thanks from Greenleaf

Before the Internet came along, the folks here at Greenleaf rarely got to see such fantastic works of art that were based of our products. Seeing all the creativity in the end results has brought a new level of pride to our work and for that we are very grateful. As a token of our appreciation, we would like to send all contestants a Greenleaf Robin's Roost. This birdhouse is a perfect way to celebrate spring either inside or outside your home and I believe that it will make a fine platform for those creative miniaturist looking for something different.


In order to meet the 12 noon deadline, I had to use this picture which really does this house little justice. Please check this post again later for an update.

A Personal Thanks to the Judges

I was more than glad to sit this one out, so my thanks to Bev, Nancy and Keith for all your hard work!

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:cheer: to everyone!! I'm glad to see my favorite three won something!! Of course we are all winners with the entry prize. :p

Thank you, Dean, for such a wonderful contest!! Give our thanks to all the judges as well. They did a great job picking the winners!!

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:cheer: to all the winners! You all did a splendid job and provided the rest of us with lots of inspiration! Thanks Dean for providing us with a Greenleaf birdhouse . . . perfect for this time of year!!
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Congratulations to all the winners!!!! My top three made it, and we all are winners....we have a completed project, and a entry prize to boot. My son is going to be estatic..he is in the I want to build birdhouses stage so he will have a ball with this Robin's roost.

Thanks Deana nd Tracy and all Greenleaf staff...you all made the right choices and once again are rewarding your customers just for being customers...where else do we get such great treatment???

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Thank you Dean and all of the Greenleaf elves for making this such an enjoyable adventure! I'm honored to have won a prize considering the exceptional quality of all of the entries!

<ahttp://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/\html\style_emoticons\/cheer.gif' alt=':cheer:'> to every entrant!!

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CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. This had to have been an extremely tough contest to judge given the awesome entries.

You are all winners and were much more creative than I could have ever thought to be.

Thanks to greenleaf for having all these wonderful contests.



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I'm happy to see my favorites won too. You guys did exceptionally beautiful jobs. It was alot of fun to build the arbor and I have to say thanks for coming up with the idea of Photographic Composition as a category. Thanks everyone for the delightful eye candy you've provided us with over the weekend.

Also, I want to say thanks for the many very sweet comments that were written. They made me cry.

Thanks Dean and the judges!

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Congratulations everyone. This was such a fun kit to elaborate on, and you winners did exceptional jobs. I'm so proud to share this forum with you all.

Dean and Greenleaf staff - thank you so much for the lovely entry prize. Even up here in the cold north, our little feathered friends are gathering twigs along with generous clumps of Missymew's and Trinity's fur as they build their first nests of the season.


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:banana: Wow :banana: Just got in from the store and signed on to find out I won a prize. Thank you so much Dean Tracy and everybody at Greenleaf, especially the judges!

Congratulations, Jackie, Kathie, Sharon, Wendy and Holly :D

I had so much fun with this contest!

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