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My first time using paper clay...

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Well tonight was the first time I've ever used paper clay. I probably should have practiced on something first, but i just jumped right in... its drying right now... i think it looks ok... what do you think?




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It looks great...very fitting for the house. I have a chimney to do something with and I was thinking of paperclay and your work is a good example. Is there a particular way you are going to paint it?

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Thank you everyone! im so glad you like it! yes it was VERY easy to use, and i have to give total credit to tracy. Her tutorial and all the pics of her beautiful houses helped me out SOOO much! I will do the exact same stone work on the other gable and then I think I might do the roof with it as well. The rest of the exterior is covered in siding though.

It wasnt very time consuming at all Id say it took me about an hour to do that one gable, which wasnt bad to me! I'm going to paint it this morning I think, or i might wait to finish my other gable first that way I will have the same color mix on both of them.

im so excited it worked out ok!! I really wanted to give the emerson row some extra character.

Looking great Jenny!!!!! Is that the house Thelma is going to live in???

no, actually this is going to be a victorian style bed and breakfast. Ive named it the "white dove inn"

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Looking good Jenny :flowers: I made bricks with paperclay and thought it was easy to use. Painting is a bit tedious but the end result is great. Love seeing your progress on your ER. Keep up the good work!

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well i paper clay'd the 2nd gable and then added paint to the gable i did last night. i kind of made a mistake with the rhino grey paint though.. i forgot to mix water with it.. so it came out a little dark. but i think i fixed it ok...




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