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How to make fake water?

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Clear Caulk for windows sold at walmart for less than $3 works great as fake water. it even levels itself out.

welp thats what i got at target today :) i big tube of window and door caulk *clear* so im gonna test it out tonight and see what i think.. i'll post pictures later :)

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That is what Ladybug uses for water! I have not yet because I am too chicken :) :yes:

That's where I got the tip from. I met Ladybug at a miniature show in Atlanta a few years ago and bought some caulk from her then misplaced it (I had left it in the paper bag in my kits box) so I went to walmart to buy a new tube. I have yet to open the tube from ladybug but i've used the walmart buy.

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I use 5 minute epoxy, the two part stuff and mix in a dab of acrylic paint for non opaque liquids like milk, OJ, tea or coffee with cream. For clear liquids I use food coloring and/or alcohol ink. If using food coloring to make black (really brown) coffee, I mix red and green drops in a medicine cup until it looks dark brown on a toothpick, then I just swirl into the 2 part epoxy as I mix it. I've had great luck using this method for pie fillings (just add no hole beads to the resin/dye mixture) and a number of liquids for my Starbucks build. I was also successful using the dyed resin to pour into silicone molds for colored bottles. 

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