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new house and question about wallpapering a built house

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So I got this house. The harborside from rgt. No it's all built. I want to put some paper in it and flooring but with the windows in it, what's the best way to go about it?





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It looks like the walls are already painted, so priming over the paint to keep it from showing through the wallpaper you use is going to be interesting, and you'll want to mask the floors, windows, etc, before you do that.  I guess that Post-Its are the best way to make templates of your walls with windows, doors and stairwells; otherwise cut small pieces of paper to fit around the openings and tape them together.  For the plain walls just take paper grocery bags and cut them into pieces slightly larger than your walls and press them flat against each wall, creasing the edges, and write the name of each wall on the template after you cut it to fit.Then you can trace around your Post-It template and make a copy on flat paper, and you're ready to lay the templates on your wallpaper.  I would definitely be sorely tempted to learn to live with the paint job, if it were me...

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Holly has already given good advice on making templates.

I would like to add a couple of suggestions on choosing the wallpaper. I have found that when papering inside a small space that has limited room to maneuver, it helps to use a paper that has a good substance to it. Something like card stock or the background pages for scrapbooking work well. You can print your own patterns on card stock. Heavier weight paper is much easier to handle and get into place without it flopping around and sticking to itself or wrinkling. 

Another thing is that it is difficult to match patterns in tiny rooms. The easiest patterns to match are very small regular or random designs that do not have recognizable motifs that will be cut at corners and then need to be matched to complete them. Stripes are the absolute easiest. 

Good luck and I look forward to seeing photos!

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