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Electricity question (was "anne")


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Hi, just starting to build the large Garfield dollhouse---the instructions don't say anything about when to put the electrical kit in...when do you start putting the lighting in? i'm unsure about that sequencing---have not started the  house yet and never put lighting in...would appreciate any and all tips


anne c.

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I’ve been working on the Garfield going on 3+ years. I read and read and read and came up with putting me necessity in the kitchen and I started running the electricity as I got the floors walls put up so I did the first floor and then went up to the second floor and left the tape. Why are there well I went back and finished working on the first floor then when I got the walls up for the second floor, I put the tape wire up And left it in the attic. I went back and finish things on the first and second floor I planned on putting on the wallpaper after I got the wire up and I put the wallpaper in before I put the windows in so it was kind of a little mixed up, but it hid the tape wire. I do have current so far but I have not connected the wires going across the ceiling for the chandeliers or the hanging lights. I don’t know how that’s gonna work because I’m not strong enough to turn the house over to be able to hammer the brads in. 

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I just re rread my comment to you. l I was using my mic and forgot to tell it to put the periods in.  This is on my desk top so should be better.  It is the first house for me to wire.  I started everything in the kitchen left side.  I'm old and can't get in to keep the wires at an even level.  Who ever gets this house after me should have a small problem finding the path.  I can feel it under the wall paper, but then I know where it is and I'm more interested in the ceiling lights then side lights.

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Vicki, some people take pictures of their wiring before covering it with wallpaper and others sketch diagrams of where the wires are so that future owners won't have to strip out all of the wall coverings to trouble-shoot later wiring problems.  Perhaps you could do the latter while you can remember where the wires are?

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