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Greenleaf House exhibit at Muzeo in Anaheim

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Five Completed Greenleaf Dollhouses are on display at Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center at 241 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805.  The miniature house display will start Saturday, April 29 and go through early September.  They are located in the Chimney Foyer near the entrance across from the ticket sales area and Museum Shop.  The 5 houses on exhibit are The Orchid, The Arthur, The Madison, the Travel Trailer, and the Buttercup.  They each have their own design and style.  The houses were previously part of an event at Muzeo called America by Neon artist Dani Bonnet.  After this exhibit, the Museum offered to display the miniature houses because of their intricate design and attention to detail.  The Orchid House is fully furnished and includes electricity.  The Buttercup was designed as a Haunted House.  The Madison was modified to become a Beach House built on a wooden deck.  The Arthur is styled as a farmhouse. Please contact the Museum if you have any questions regarding the display. 714-765-6450

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23 hours ago, havanaholly said:

It would be nice if the Muzeo website had photos of the houses.

I will let them know.  I was trying to upload the photos, and this website would not accept photos because image size was too big?? 

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