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Hi, I'm new!

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Hi, I'm MB!

Today I acquired (most) of a Rutherford Dollhouse from ArtPly. It for sure needs a base, the roof/hideaway tower are not attached at all, full interior gut, and a lot of love. I'm anticipating structural fixes, and maybe some other major replacements, as it has clearly been stored outside for an extended period of time. It also smells REALLY BAD, but I'm going to rip out all the paper and carpet tomorrow and get a better look at things, and I'm hoping that helps the smell.

I'm a single mom and full time college student, so realistically, I'm looking to allot up to two years to work on this, and really turn it into an heirloom piece for my daughter. When I was around eight years old, I built a similar kit from the 70s with my granddad, and it was a lot of fun. I'm hoping to have the same experience with my kiddo.


I'll figure pictures out eventually, but in the mean time, I'm excited to learn! I reached out to friend today about possibly fabricating a new base for me to start with.


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Welcome to the little family, MB.  I would measure the thickness of the kit's wood and get a good sized off-cut plywood piece from a lumber lot or hardware store and trace around the inside of the house to make a new floor and later any interior parts you want or need to replace.  Have fun!  When you have made five posts you can make an album in the Forum's gallery to share your "before" pictures and your progress to the finished pretty.

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Welcome!  The Rutherford was the second dollhouse I built as a kid.  It's a great house with spacious rooms.  I can't wait to renovate mine someday, but unfortunately it's still sitting in my childhood bedroom waiting for a ride to my house.     I look forward to seeing how yours turns out for some ideas.

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Welcome! That’ll be such a fun project 😊

Before and after will be fun to see! Do you have any ideas for how you’re going to decorate it?

Hopefully removing the wallpaper and carpet helped with the smell 


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