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First KIT dollhouse


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The 7 dollhouses i've built previously were designed by me - I started the Harrison KIT the other day and made some mistakes - had to unglue and reglue- seems that in the process there was some warpage and shrinkage of a few of the elongated pieces - weird

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Donny, please post an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.  When you have made five posts you can make albums in the Members' Gallery, and I would LOVE to see pictures of the dollhouses you've built.  As for the gluing and ungluing, we recommend using blue painters' tape to assemble parts of the dollhouse shell (called "dry fitting") to make sure 1) that everything fits together and 2) that it goes together looking like the photo on the box (at least that's the main reason I do it).

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4 hours ago, donnyoh said:

ADVICE NUMBER 1 - THE FIRST THING YOU DO IS REMOVE THE TABS - after that it is easier to make things square

Everybody has to find their own way of working comfortably. Personally, I find that adjusting the fit of the tabs by shaving them or the slots by sanding with an emery board can result in a perfect fit. The tabs help to keep it square and reinforce the walls to assure a sturdy building. I would not consider removing a tab unless the fit is way off or it is in the way of a mini remodeling project.

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