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Hello from Cold Maine

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I’m new to the forum, retired and working on a used and challenging older dollhouse. I find it relaxing and have grown a passion for working on it. Bit concerned about rehabbing this beast so wanted to connect with others who have expertise and love dollhouses!


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Honestly I don’t know. My daughter identified it and I tried to find the model for what seemed like hours this am but couldn’t. I wish I did know. She told me it was a Greenleaf, but I just found it! It’s the Real Good Toys Bostonian

Thank you for responding, 


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If it is a Greenleaf, you can find it here. Greenleaf Dollhouses - Affordable Dollhouse Kits Factory Direct

If it is not a Greenleaf, someone here can identify it for you. Can you post a picture? This forum is provided for us by the good folks at Greenleaf but is not limited to Greenleaf products. :) 

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Greenleaf is very generous with this forum and anybody can become a member and get dollhouse help. I love it here, and although mostly I just lurk, I have always found the ideas and answers I need. I have been amazed by the sheer volume of truly knowledgable help given by others and this forum has been a happy escape for me for years now. I love seeing what others are doing with their creations and it helps me as I soldier on with mine. The Bostonian is a pretty big project.

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Thank you so much for letting me know.  It is a monster dollhouse. My daughter thought I’d like it because I loved to decorate and build Sims houses way back when, so she bought it for me. It isn’t my first house but is my first rehab. I ordered new windows and will be posting my dilemma in the appropriate section. My daughter has been telling me for a long time that miniaturists are great people and so far I’m glad I finally joined a group. Everyone has been very welcoming.

Thank you again. I’m taking before and after pictures and I’ll share at some point.


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