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Creating an original design for a dolls house


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Hiya guys ! :) 

am new to building dolls houses.

In fact, it’s my first post on this site. 

So I just have a question about designing a house.

I’m interested to know how I’d go about building a dolls house from a  design I have drawn up? So one which hasn’t previously been used to make a dolls house. 


I know that there’s loads of tutorials out there about how to build a dolls house, but all the tutorials I’ve seen are based around a pre constructed design. 

So if I wanted to draw the design myself, how would I then create the house?

I’m thinking I’d find a tutorial online and  just swap out the measurements in the tutorial for my own. 
E.g- if one online tutorial says use 20cm x 10cm plywood for the wall ( don’t know if this’d be a real measurement I’m just using this as an example ), I would just swap this measurement out for my own e.g I’d be using 16cmx 5cm. 

The tutorial might be based around for example an English cottage, yet I’d be creating something which looks entirely different e.g a Dutch canal house. 

Ultimately, I’d only be using the tutorial to learn how to do the actual construct part.

But The overall aesthetic is something that I’d create entirely myself. Would this work?

Or are most doll house tutorials based around a specified design meaning it’d be hard to change the dimensions around? 

Re. Materials, I’d construct my house using the same materials as they use in the tutorial. Again the only major difference would be the aesthetic/ design of the house. 


not sure if it’s helpful, but I’ve put a link to a tutorial which I’ve been looking at. 


i don’t own this.

hope it’s okay re. Copyright. 

so I’m going to be learning from this tutorial, but will be doing a different design. 

Thank you so much for your help :) :) 






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Oscar, I copied and modified a floorplan for one of Gustav Stickley's Craftsman bungalows that I wanted to build (being 80 and with several wonderful kits in the queue I now know it ain't gonna happen).  I drew up the plans including the walls on 1/4" grid paper with the plan to cut the parts out in corrugated cardboard to do the mock-up for tweaking and then use the cardboard pieces for patterns for 1/4" plywood; so I'd say it's most definitely doable.  In the meantime you will probably make five posts, so once you're off and running you can make an album for the Gallery to share your pictures with us.

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Hi Oscar, welcome to the forum. I laser cut dollhouse kits of my own design so this is a rough outline of how I generally go about it.

Decide on what meterial you will use to make it and how thick it will be. Decide how big your rooms will be = widthxdepthxheight. One way to make a dollhouse is to make each room a separate box and then just stack them together. Or make it the traditional way where all the rooms are part of the one structure and share adjoining walls. If you are making your house 1:12, take the real life measurements of the rooms you want to make and divide them by 12. As an example, a room in 1:12 scale would be about 12” wide x 12” deep x 10” high.

Get some graph paper or you could use a drawing app/program and draw out the floorplan. I will draw a room’s floorplan to scale (as if looking from above), draw in the walls around the room, also to scale, then draw in all the other rooms one by one and their walls. I will then use those measurements to make a front-on drawing, again to scale showing where the walls and floor will be. I then use these drawings to get my measurements of how big I need to make each wall/floor. 

I tried to put in poctures but they’re too big and I can’t resize them.

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